EP Review: The Howling Tides – Blue Moon (Self Released)

Dynamic, award-winning, 4-piece hard rockers The Howling Tides will release their brand-new, 5-track EP, ‘Blue Moon’ on the 18th of November 2022.

Oozing a ton of passion and no small amount of coolness, The Howling Tides have an EP to show off that might make you sit up that much straighter. The rock and roll they showcase here is energetic, groovy, fun and a little bit sexy. Fresh but familiar, it’s an EP that demands you move and with tracks this hooky and catchy, it’s not hard to deny the pull.

A delightful number of riffs, bluesy-influences, smooth and powerful vocals, robust beats and so much more. Blue Moon is a bit of a statement making release for The Howling Tides. Basically, pay attention to us because we have the music to back up the swagger. Who could argue with them upon hearing that?

For all the groovy rock and roll vibes the band has though, they’re not adverse to switching it up, and the near 7-minute Fortune Never Favoured Me is proof of that. The foot-tapping rhythm, the exceptional vocals (will send a shiver down the spine) and anthemic chorus. It’s one hell of a track on an EP filled with them. This is mighty strong stuff from The Howling Tides and will no doubt sneak on to many a ‘best records of 2022’ lists at the last minute.

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The Howling Tides – Blue Moon Full Track Listing:

1. Thalia
2. Cut Your Losses
3. Fortune Never Favoured Me
4. Blue Moon
5. White Crow

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The Howling Tides – Blue Moon (Self Released)
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