Album Review: Ty Morn – Istor (Self Released)

Tales of despots, petulant gods, war & honour, sea monsters, creatures of the night & more. Istor is the debut album by Ty Morn, a project created by Aron Biale. It comes from a love for golden age metal and classic rock.

Istor 2

A bit of an epic, this one. A proper feel-good, smile-inducing head-banger as it draws from the sound of classic metal. If you’re hankering for an album that will get the hairs standing up on your neck while compelling you to put your fist in the air, then it is Istor.

From the excellent chorus of Reign of the Hunter (the vocals are so on point) to the inspired riffing of Hey Poseidon and the folksy intro/uplifting beat of Die Where We Stand, the first third of the album is top shelf stuff. The latter of this trio is utterly brilliant, heavy but clean.

After such a feel-good set of tracks, it’s up to Fall On Your Sword, The Language of the Beasts and Kings of Dishonour to add a bit of moody darkness to things and they do it so well. The guitars and vocals combining to give it a more sinister metal sound. All with that deep, meaty metal beat. The latter of this trio is the most melodic of the bunch but still throws out a killer guitar solo as well.

Finally we have Bring Forth the Night, the speedier and blood-pumping metal style rising from the ashes like a beast. A little bit angry but welcome. Harvest of Souls is ‘epic’ personified, an utterly huge sounding metal track that is impossible to not head-bang too. All before an absolutely brilliant album closes out with Hunt Leviathan, the waves washing over and terror emerging from the sea. The slower groove builds in threat leading to an eruption of classic ‘lose your mind’ metal!

Love it.

Istor 1

Ty Morn – Istor Full Track Listing:

1. Reign of the Hunter
2. Hey Poseidon
3. Die Where We Stand
4. Fall On Your Sword
5. The Language of the Beasts
6. Kings of Dishonour
7. Bring Forth the Night
8. Harvest of Souls
9. Hunt Leviathan


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Pick the album up now over on Bandcamp and find out more about Ty Morn over on Facebook. You can also check out videos over on YouTube.

Ty Morn - Istor (Self Released)
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