Band Interview: Voices Of Grief (Interview by Kostas Dahmer)

This interview with Voices of Grief was conducted by Kostas Dahmer. All credit for the interview goes to him and you can check out his Facebook here. You can read our review of the latest Voices of Grief EP here.

Greetings from Russia! This is Catafalque from Voices Of Grief! Well, we have to dive into the black water of depression, if we want to find the answer.

Q1: What type of band are you?

A1: First of all, Voices Of Grief is not just one of those bands with a scary image and pseudo-sinister content. Many of them are empty and they have nothing inside. There is no sincerity, only a fucking circus! This way is not for us, absolutely. Voices Of Grief is a fetus from the dark womb - the child of despair and sorrow, misanthropy and suicide… Music from the grave! When I decided to create Voices Of Grief, I already knew that it was not just the creation of a band, because that was the New World Creation! The World beyond the horizon, where sunset dies all the vesperian time… Voices Of Grief reflects everything that I have inside me. Inside, I am dead and these are not just words, believe me. Prolonged depression devoured me. I’m full of sorrow and grief, and all I am waiting for – is Death! Strict truth, not image. Believe me or not, no matter. You asked me, what is Voices Of Grief. I think, you still can’t recognize - Voices Of Grief it’s more than just a band. As I said, it’s music from the grave, nocturnal threnody that was composed in the blasphemous void and based on dismal doctrines where suicide is not a sin, and my hatred, my misanthropy, formed into my personal opinion about total annihilation of human scum. Yes, I’m sure, human race must be destroyed! No mercy! Men, women, children, old people - no matter. Total annihilation! But also Voices Of Grief is the gloomy sky. There are funerary clouds that drops the liquid from above, but it’s not a rain, for it is endless falling tears. And without the sun. Do you remember, I told you, sunset died beyond the horizon? What about tears – It’s mine, in the name of all I lose. Voices Of Grief is also one of the names of Satan! Yes, we have some anti-Christian parts in our creativity. I hate Christianity! This confession based on fucking lies. The Russian Christianity looks like prostitution! This religion was born in Nazareth and died in present days. Even the priests forgot about God, but they are remember money! So, are you satisfied? Now, you know, Voices Of Grief are outsiders, because all that we do it’s only the truth and higher than any types.



Q2: How/Why Voices of Grief? Will you give us a picture of what it means and why picked up as band name?

A2: Our ensemble received a name before actual birth. This name was coined by me and my “cosmic brother” - Anton Rosa. I remember that day – we were both depressed. А long conversation about hopelessness alternated with a discussion of the band creation plan. Yeah, we were sad… Silence. Tick-tock… Tick-tock… Suddenly, I said: “Brother, we are the voices of grief! I mean, grief speaks through us, with our voices!”. Then we took “Voices of grief”. At first, I thought use it as the album name, but Anton Rosa convinced me to use it as the band name. So, from that day and for now, we are Voices Of Grief!

Q3: Tell us the brief history of your band.

A3: It’s funny, but I can’t tell you the history of our band. In-fact, this history, is something like almanac. I mean, Voices Of Grief history - Frankenstein, created by personal history of every member of the band. We have any troubles or something like that, but it’s not always and it could be the summoning of the Muse. But sometimes it sets the right mood. All I can say, Voices Of Grief history is the book about us. A protocol of fate!

Q4: Any plans for a full-length after the recent release of VoG EP?

A4: Hell yeah! And it’s already not only the plans. Recently, we began to create our full-lenght album. While the EP will be looking for weak bastard who will destroy himself or herself with our music, we will continue to create a new masterpiece!



Q5: Where recordings of EP took place?

A5: The whole process of EP’s creation took place in the our personal studio. This is very, very special place, you know. We call it - The Temple of the Art! In fact, this is basement, but it’s not a house of the Ninja Turtles, of course! There is absolutely individual energies. Also I often saw something like the running shadows. My female friend told me about otherworldly entities that lives in our studio. I believe her. Why not? At first, I saw the running shadows. Secondly, my female friend is a black witch. This is the art atmosphere comfortable for us. Death songs, dark music, otherworldly creatures, a witch… I think Voices Of Grief is absolute motherfuckin’ evil!

Q6: How you manage your composing process?

A6: This is not my kingdom. Music making is a barony of Anton Rosa and Daron. These guys do an excellent job, they are really talented! What about me… Ideology, conception, lyrics and vocals - it’s mine. Voices Of Grief - comfortable working conditions, I guess. Everyone does what they do well. I do not interfere in the work of guys, and they do well. I do not interfere in the work of guys, and they do not interfere with me. I think this approach is ideal because we can keep the purity of our emotions. It is important, that all band members have the same right to speak! No leadership! Suicidal and blasphemous democracy!

Q7: Will you tell us a word about your lyrical themes and inspiration?

A7: Lyrics are very intimate for me. I don’t mean that everything is secret. No. Just all lyrics in Voices Of Grief are very personal for me. Even if the text looks like fiction, it is not. I hide personal moments and make them as if made up. But I do not write texts that I cannot explain. Everything I write makes sense. But the meaning is not dominant, as I put much more emotion into them. All my lines are about death, about loneliness. My inner suffering in every letter! But I have lyrics, full of hatred and malice, even cruelty. These texts are devoted to society, this stupid herd of cattle! I wish for people to die in these lyrics! And also I write lyrics, where is a direct hatred of Christianity! Fuck you, Jesus Christ! I write, God does not care for his sheep. And I write about the church as a religious organization. Disgusting shit!

Voices 2

Q8: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

A8: Honestly, I don’t think that other bands influenced Voices Of Grief. I don’t call us geniuses or like that. The reason it’s our rule to make music with sincere emotions and feelings! Rather, it was our internal features that made the influence for Voices Of Grief. I swear our band beyond all lies! Sincerity is the main influence!

Q9: How do you promote your band?

A9: At the moment, the promotion of Voices Of Grief is happening in England, through MSH Music Group. We express our deep gratitude to Shane Giess! He does a lot for Voices Of Grief. I hope our cooperation will continue in the future. As you know, we are from Russia, but we didn’t turn to Russian labels. EP can be ordered from England or online.

Q10: What’s your outlook on the record industry today?

A10: I don’t know what I can say. Perhaps this industry has become more commercial after a years. In any case, this is a business, this is money. Often, money destroys talent and erases faces and names.

Q11: What’s your claim to fame?

A11: I absolutely do not think about fame. I understand, this sounds implausible, but it’s true! I don’t know, why there is no place in my head for reflections on fame. Everything will be as it should be!

Q12: Tell us a story about a day in your life.

A12: If we are talking about the day of my life, then I will definitely be depressed by the feeling of loneliness. This feeling never leaves me. I lead a rather ascetic lifestyle, so often the days in my life resembles each other. Most likely, that day I may even use drugs to write something. I think this question was worth asking someone who lives more diverse than me.

Grief 1

Q13: What fans should expect from Voices Of Grief?

A13: First of all, they can expect sincerity. Actually, I don’t care about someone’s expectations. We do not intend to be a part of other people’s illusions. Voices Of Grief will never change to please anyone! If this fact doesn’t scare the fans, they can be sure - we will do our job well! Expectations it’s cruel and unpredictable shit, because everything may not be exactly the same as in human brain. That is why brains look better on the wall after a headshot!

Head over to MSH Music Group to listen and pick up the EP now. It can also be streamed and bought via Voices of Grief’s own Bandcamp Page.