EP Review: Voices of Grief – Voices of Grief (MSH Music Group)

Voices of Grief are a black metal band from Saint Petersburg in Russia. Their newest release is the self titled EP, out now via MSH Music Group.

Grief 2

Looking to hear what the end times might sound like? Then Voices of Grief’s self titled EP will suffice. One-part ritualistic evil melody, one-part slow doom heaviness all wrapped up in a blackened death metal ribbon.

All of that is delivered and more in the opening track, Epitaph to Tragedy and it immediately impresses.

Schizodramatic Nebulact of Disowning is just as brutalising in regards to the force of the drumming and black metal riffs. However, it’s with the post-black melodies that Voices of Grief really excel and once again, it’s ever present here. Astoundingly good.

The darkness continues as The Gravendark Eclipse sees the vocals really get more twisted while the guitars get even more chunky. The post-rhythm that offsets everything is to die for and this is the track we recommend you listen too if you can only hear one. So dark is it, the crying that overlays the latter part of it seems par for the course.

What else can Voices of Grief give us? Well, how about some gothic sounds and the most intense drumming so far in Hysteria in the Blasphemous Void? Or the evilness that drops from every pore of Between Forgiveness and Damage Done? Both tracks prove to be the cherry on top of the cake. A cake with such an intense taste, that your head might literally explode.

Totally worth it though. What an EP this is.

Grief 1

Voices of Grief – Voices of Grief Full Track Listing:

1. Epitaph to Tragedy
2. Schizodramatic Nebulact of Disowning
3. The Gravendark Eclipse
4. Hysteria in the Blasphemous Void
5. Between Forgiveness and Damage Done



Head over to MSH Music Group to listen and pick up the EP now. It can also be streamed and bought via Voices of Grief’s own Bandcamp Page.

Voices of Grief - Voices of Grief (MSH Music Group)
  • The Final Score - 10/10
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