Album Review: Vorus – The Wretched Path (Death in Pieces Records/Macabre End Productions)

A three track demo called Chamber of Laments showcased the exciting blast of death metal that Vorus had to offer in 2017. You can read our review here. Originally a solo project, the debut album ‘The Wretched Path’sees the project become a two-piece and will be released in Spring 2018. You can also read our interview with them here.

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The dark approach that Vorus has is one built around a raw & spiteful sound. Buzzing guitars like flies over a dead body, crude & noisy drums and deep, almost in-human growls. The title track weighs heavily on the mind before the disgust-fuelled Into the Abysmal Gloom adds some rhythmic quality to the roaring guitars.

Somehow the death metal heaviness drops down into an ever lower & murkier sound with The Mindwarp Course. The savage drumming really making an impact here before the three tracks originally released on the demo arrive.

Chamber of Laments has a real rhythmic quality to it that burrows into the brain, Paradise is Burning keeps the pace up but throws out some thirst-quenching hooks and Where Misery Crawls delivers a nasty vocal style. Where they take an even more backseat role to the thumping rhythm. Sitting behind the music whispering darkly, promising horrific but wondrous sights if we’d only just give ourselves to it.

The brain melting debut finishes up with the colossal nastiness of The Futile Existence and the deep, metal-affirming Black Emptiness. The Wretched Path isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste. It’s really raw & that will certainly put some people off but it is a quality chunk of death metal that shows Vorus have a bright future.

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Vorus – The Wretched Path Full Track Listing:

1. The Wretched Path
2. Into the Abysmal Gloom
3. The Mindwarp Course
4. Chamber of Laments
5. Paradise is Burning
6. Where Misery Calls
7. The Futile Existence
8. Black Emptiness

You can order the Chamber of Laments demo on Bandcamp here. You will be able to order the album on tape via Death in Pieces Records and Macabre End Productions. Keep up to date with news of the release on Vorus’ Facebook Page.


Vorus - The Wretched Path (Death in Pieces Records/Macabre End Productions)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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