Horror Short Review: The Oven (2017)

A super short horror, The Oven is like one of those videos you see where it’s suggested that you should watch closely for the unexpected moment at the end only to have a ‘scary’ face suddenly jump out at you.

Created by Rush Smith we see a man is baking, something that is shown in detail. Admittedly it certainly adds a little bit of tension as you await a payoff that doesn’t deliver. It’s a simple ‘jump scare’ short, one that makes you go ‘huh?’

While it doesn’t go in the direction you might expect, that isn’t actually a positive seeing as what it does do is so lacklustre.

Will it make you jump? Probably. Will it satisfy though? Not at all. Check it out yourself below.

The Oven
  • The Final Score - 3/10
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