EP Review: Ifernach – Maqtewek Nakuset (Nekrart Productions)

Ifernach is a solo project based in north-eastern Canada, where the land ends (Gespegewagi). With a classic black metal sound, Ifernach will take your soul into a journey on the north-eastern woodlands. Preaching old rituals and reciting old tales of his elders.

Maqtewek Nakuset was released on October 8th 2017 via Nekrart Productions & their forthcoming new album, entitled Gaqtaqaiaq, will be released through Nekrart Productions in March 2018.

Ifernach 2

Rough and raw, Maqtewek Nakuset is six tracks of vile sounding black metal that has just the right amount of atmospheric elements to deliver on the promise of ancient journeys into the distant past.

The patchy production job serves to heighten the bleak tone of the record, something that your ears become more accustomed to as the likes of the haunting & rhythmic Rivière Funèbre & the mournful Le Talion Noir des âmes Brûlées play out.

Even when hammering the black metal gong as hard as possible, Ifernach still deliver a fantastic listening experience. Such as the desperation that exists in the horrifying vocals of Wabanahkiyik & the stunning finale of Matntmg, a track that drags you down to hellish depths before lifting you up to glorious heights.

It might be as rough as boots but Maqtewek Nakuset is a truly pleasurable listen for those who enjoy their atmospheric black metal.



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Ifernach – Maqtewek Nakuset Full Track Listing:

1. Enemy at the Shores
2. Rivière Funèbre
3. Le Talion Noir des âmes Brûlées
4. Wabanahkiyik
5. Dried Jesuit
6. Matntmg

You can pick the EP up digitally on Bandcamp, the digipack CD via Nekrart Productions and the cassette version via Les Productions Hérétiques. Find out more/keep up to date with news via Facebook.

Ifernach - Maqtewek Nakuset (Nekrart Productions)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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