Album Review: At Home in Hell – Self Identified Deity (Self Released)

Due to be self released on May 5th 2019, Self Identified Deity is the new album from Great Falls, Montana death metal/deathcore band At Home In Hell.

Self Identified Deity 1

Time to shut up and pay attention, At Home in Hell are here to make some noise. Here to deliver a death metal sermon that you have little choice but to pay attention too. A simply vicious record that rages with unbridled anger, hate and nastiness.

Don’t dismiss Self Identified Deity off the bat if you’re not a fan of death metal as At Home in Hell are a modern take on the classic aggressive sound. Bundles of groove, bundles of riffs and even the odd breakdown, the muscles in your neck are going to get a serious workout.

It’s the double head-banger of Rite to Sin and Slave Dance that get the brutality off and rolling but it’s the incredible groove of Funeral of Faith that touches the metal soul. A must listen track.

Of course, this is not an album to relax too, just 13 tracks of hyper intense metal designed to snap you out of any malaise you might be feeling. Tracks like Revolutionary Suicide and Just Another Story are faster and nastier while the likes of Face of God, Unwanted Attention and Chemical Lobotomy are filth-encrusted depths where the riffs stick like mud.

This is a banger of an album, that much should be clear to anyone who listens to even half of it. However if you need more convincing the latter couple of tracks will shut up any doubters. The slow demand of Chemical Lobotomy is akin to drowning in a vat of putrid mess, Everyone Lies is covered in a dark and angry moodiness while Fault is just one final hard smash to the head.

Self Identified Deity 2

At Home in Hell – Self Identified Deity Full Track Listing:

1. Fear
2. Rite to Sin
3. Slave Dance
4. Funeral of Faith
5. Revolutionary Suicide
6. Face of God
7. Just Another Story
8. Unwanted Affection
9. The Knife
10. Chemical Lobotomy
11. Everyone Lies
12. Solitary Confinement
13. Fault

The album and earlier releases can be ordered on Bandcamp, CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play. Find out more/keep up to date with news by checking out At Home in Hell’s website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel.


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At Home in Hell - Self Identified Deity (Self Released)
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