Album Review: The Devil Wears Prada – Transit Blues (Rise Records)

The chaotic opening of Praise Poison is the perfect start to an opening three songs that are near flawless. Heavy with bags of rhythm & riffs that just drive these songs to higher & higher points. Alongside the crushingly good Daughter & stunning Worldwide, this is a start that marks The Devil Wears Prada as the kings of their sound.

It’s not just metal played hard & heavy, it’s time changes, background experimental stuff, the beating heartbeat of the drumming, the differing vocal styles…this is an absolute banger of an album.

If there is one smudge on the quality it comes with Lock & Load, a song that stands out as just being a bit lacklustre in comparison to what it’s surrounded by. Lacking pace, something The Devil Wears Prada excels at, it’s far from a bad song but it just doesn’t punch as hard as the rest.

The rest of the album doesn’t have a sour moment, a 11 track album with only one average song, this really is something special. Detroit Tapes’s heavy beat & exciting riffs, The Condition’s ballad-like opening before erupting in an orgy of furious metal, it’s sex for the ears & mind.

To the Key to Evergreen is the standout track though, the dark chuggy beat being so different to anything else found here before lifting itself into a soaring number for the chorus. The sudden drop into a simple drum beat, guitar strumming & background vocal recordings is a nice surprise especially as it builds back up to a huge sounding finish.

You’d think that would be it but it’s not…the spoken-word style Home for Graves, Pt. II is one of the highlights of the entire album thanks to some lovely melody that plays along in the background. This flows perfectly into the punchy, Transit Blues. A finish that mirrors the beginning bringing the heavy riffs by the bucketload.

An album that is genuinely disappointing when it ends. You just want it to keep going on & on!

Full Track List:

1. Praise Poison
2. Daughter
3. Worldwide
4. Lock & Load
5. Flyover States
6. Detroit Tapes
7. The Condition
8. To the Key of Evergreen
9. Submersion
10. Home for Grave, Pt. II
11. Transit Blues

The Devil Wears Prada - Transit Blues (Rise Records)
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