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In their words: The Metalhead Box is a monthly subscription box service that aims to introduce the best, new, and classic Metal music from all over the world to the average Joe Metalhead. The Metalhead Box contains Metal Music merchandise and albums, hand-picked by our team of uber-Metalheads representing all genres from Death to Black to Thrash to Heavy, and more, all delivered to your door monthly! Each item is carefully selected, from CD’s, T-Shirts, posters, autographs, stickers, download cards, and so much more.

Working with the biggest to smallest of Record Labels and bands in the business, The Metalhead Box not only delivers on value but also rewards members with exclusive items found nowhere else!

We here at GBHBL got Robert from the Metalhead Box to answer a few questions for us regarding this exciting subscription service. You can find out more on the Metalhead Box website: www.themetalheadbox.com

The Metahead Box? How did this come about & what sort of things can you find inside?

The Metalhead Box came about after 3 long time friends and Metalheads who receive many various Subscription boxes, like LootCrate and Nerd Block thought to themselves “how cool would it be to have a subscription box that is just for Metalheads”. It was the start of the idea, and we all set out to make it happen. After working extremely hard, we are finally shipping our first Metalhead Box out November 15th!



After much research we noticed there were only a few other boxes with the same idea as ours. I will not mention them here of course, but in my opinion they are very boring. Photocopied flyers, CDR compilations, stickers and buttons. A package of T-Shirts and beanie caps from the same bands, bands and merch that are so easy to access. We wanted to push the limits so to speak and offer items that are rare and, I use the word again, unique. We partnered and continue to partner with some of the best Metal record labels and bands to offer new releases. And I am talking about only the big Metal labels and bands out there, but underground Metal labels that offer extremely amazing music.

For example, in our November box, one can expect new releases from Dark Descent Records. A label that is making huge waves and releasing some of the best music around. So, expect in your Metalhead Box only quality, unique (I said it again) items. CDs, a T-Shirt in every box (sometimes two), Autographs from some of the genres top bands, artists and legends, Collectable items, amazing art prints, rare and hard to find items, stickers, posters, patches and so much more!

How are you going to keep the boxes fresh & exciting?

Well that is our main goal for The Metalhead Box, to make every box fresh and exciting. As mentioned above we are working with some of the best companies in the world to help us with this goal. Besides looking to offer exclusive items only found in your Metalhead Box and no where else. We scour the world for items that are hard to find, and rare, like collectibles that are limited, T-Shirts with killer designs and not just a band logo, CDs that are new releases, rare patches, autographs from legends of Metal, and anything else we can track down that screams “only shit that is cool!” We also have plans to have exclusive releases in our box, exclusive only to Metalhead Box subscribers and not available anywhere else. That will hopefully happen soon.

Any plans for a UK based Metalhead Box? It’s got great potential with the strong metal scene here.

The Metalhead Box currently ships to the UK & Ireland. To find out what other countries we currently ship to please visit our website a www.themetalheadbox.com/support. It list all countries we ship to at this time. I wish we could ship worldwide, but I am not sure people will pay the shipping charges involved to do so. But, we do give individuals that option. Say you live in Russia or Brazil and would like to subscribe, contact our support team and if you are willing to pay the shipping we can send one to you.

The Canadian Postal system can be quite expensive when shipping to some countries.



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