Album Review: Starscape – Colony (Stormspell Records)

The musical duo that is Starscape describe themselves as traditional heavy metal from Sweden, telling epic tales of journeys beyond the stars. Following on from their excellent debut EP, Pilgrims. The band are now set to release their debut full length album, Colony on March 1st 2021 via Stormspell Records.

The two tracks from the earlier EP actually make up two of the seven tracks of this debut album. A welcome refresh of what was a banger release (read our full review here). Particularly as the opener, Pilgrims of the Stars really sells the interstellar qualities of this record. An added bonus section for the album. Then the guitars hit and Starscape are off to the races with a frantic head-banger rooted in the core traditional heavy metal sound.

Before we get to the second EP track and this album’s title track, it’s time for some chuggy bass and frenetic guitar riffing with the excellent Interstellar. A great showcase of Starscape’s catchier side especially as the vocals are so strong here.

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The aforementioned title track is a bit simpler but doesn’t betray the traditional metal vibes that Starscape swear by. It might have come from the earlier release but it is perfectly placed here and from this point on, it’s all brand new experiences. Starting with a mellower offering and powerfully sung listen in the form of A New World.

The energy is then brought back up for the punchy old-school rocking rhythm of Not Built By Human Hands. One of the album’s full on groovers where not moving to the beat is near impossible. It also has a fantastic guitar solo too.

Structures then follows that with a phenomenal instrumental that is all about the guitars. Starscape kind of showing off but such is their right when they’re pulling out such hits as this. This might be the one of the best tracks they’re written.

That it would be followed by the epic finale of Towards the Unknown is testament to the greatness of this album. Where 10 minutes of other-worldly sounds and thrilling old-school metal combine to send the mind soaring into the stratosphere.

The earlier EP was great but this album is a proper step up for Starscape. This band is one to keep a very close eye on.

Starscape – Colony Full Track Listing:

1. Pilgrims of the Stars
2. Interstellar
3. Colony
4. A New World
5. Not Built By Human Hands
6. Structures
7. Towards the Unknown


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Starscape - Colony (Stormspell Records)
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