EP Review: Starscapes – Pilgrims (Self Released)

The musical duo that is Starscape describe themselves as traditional heavy metal from Sweden, telling epic tales of journeys beyond the stars. Their debut EP, Pilgrims is out now.



That description does really begin to make sense upon hearing Starscapes’ two track debut EP. An EP that is grand in scope, sound and a with a firm nod towards the heavy metal days of yore.

Delivering the old-school vibes with aplomb, the commanding vocals are a major component of what makes this such an attention grabbing EP. Gloriously larger than life, they really lift Pilgrams of the Stars up. Although the initial guitar and drum flurry as well as the latter with its racing solos is certainly nothing to complain about.

It really does conjure up the image of shooting through space, picking up speed until everything blurs together into a madness inducing colourful sight.

Colony is the one that comes across more traditional, with its fast-paced riffing and head-banging rhythm. A track that is really easy to tap your foot along too while raising a metal fist in the air. Not massively different to what came before but certainly, one more likely to impress a causal listener.

Over before it’s really got started, as a short showcase of what Starscape are capable of, Pilgrims is bloody great.

Starscape – Pilgrims Full Track Listing:

1. Pilgrims of the Stars
2. Colony


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Starscapes - Pilgrims (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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