Album Review: Ten Foot Wizard – Get Out Of Your Mind (Beard Of Zeus)

Formed in Manchester in 2009, Ten Foot Wizard started as a stoner rock group, but quickly began to incorporate elements of punk, metal, blues, funk and psych into a heady mix of sexy, fuzzed-up debauchery. Live appearances alongside respected acts such as Karma To Burn, Scissorfight, Pentagram, Witch Mountain and Elephant Tree has fashioned Ten Foot Wizard into a phenomenal live act.

The momentum from a hugely successful set at Glastonbury Festival 2019, and the release of ‘Get Out Of Your Mind’ (July 10th 2020) promises to light the blue touch paper on a career of one of the UK’s most engaging feel good live acts.

As a big fan of what Ten Foot Wizard have produced over their career so far, it is very exciting to have a new album to enjoy. One that begins with the funky groove of Namaste Dickhead, the thick guitars punctuated by flashes of metal passion.

With a bit more of a psychedelic twang to things, Broken Man is just as strong and just as easy to lose your mind too. Whereas Noble Lie is all riffs and harmonious beats that draws from the world of blues-rock but with wilder bursts of energy. Then we get the sexiest track of the album in Summer Love. The funky-ass groove, the head-banger riffing, the slight tinge of sleaze and the fuzzed-up vigour is sin incarnate.

Maybe you’re looking for something really heavy though? Well, Ten Foot Wizard have you covered with How Low Can You Go and the title track. The former, a track that starts off with blazing momentum and descends into teeth-achingly low and slow stoner doom by the end. The latter, playful and funky with meaner and harder blasts to shake up the brain matter.

Although they’re far from done with the head-throbbing stoner heaviness that as Working Towards A Bitter Future shows. All before King Shit Of Fuck Mountain wraps things up in super fuzzy, super psychedelic and super groovy style.

It’s an excellent album and one that may be seen as the pivotal moment that turns Ten Foot Wizard into a household name.

Ten Foot Wizard – Get Out Of Your Mind Full Track Listing:

1. Namaste Dickhead
2. Broken Man
3. Noble Lie
4. Summer Love
5. How Low Can You Go
6. Get Out Of Your Mind
7. Working Towards A Bitter Future
8. King Shit Of Fuck Mountain




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Ten Foot Wizard - Get Out Of Your Mind (Beard Of Zeus)
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