Album Review: Kari Rueslåtten – Sørgekåpe (Spindelsinn Recordings)

Norwegian singer Kari Rueslåtten is known to have one of the finest voices in alternative Nordic folk-pop. Her new album Sørgekåpe is out May 8th 2020, and this will be her eighth solo album. For the first time since her debut-solo album Spindelsinn, she sings in Norwegian.

Sørgekåpe describes those lonely hours at night when every thought is looming, and one loses the battle against reality. By the time morning light finds its way through the curtains, the mind is so fragile, it can be tipped over by the gentle touch of a butterflies’ wing. Sørgekåpe is the Norwegian name for the butterfly Mourning Cloak.

So let’s get this out of the way straight away. This is not a metal album, nor is it even a rock album. Instead it falls somewhere between folk and pop. Normally the latter is something we actively avoid but the former is something we have found ourselves covering more and more.

Melancholic folk can be a fascinating experience, especially when it is held up by a vocalist who is simply sublime at what they do. This is very much the case with Kari Rueslåtten and her new album, Sørgekåpe.

An introspective and reflective listen, what really makes this more then just your average miserable melodic listen are the moments where things get a little more upbeat. An early example of the contrast is the tear-jerking opening title track which is followed by the lighter and airy Svever.

Two very different tracks with Kari Rueslåtten’s exceptional vocals being the thing that links them together.

Elsewhere, Når mørket faller is an emotionally wrought listen, Blind is impossibly dreamy with its light guitar melody and Storefjell’s drips in cold atmosphere.

Enjoy Sørgekåpe for it is, a folkish showcase of an incredible vocalist.

Kari Rueslåtten – Sørgekåpe Full Track Listing:

1. Sørgekaape
2. Svever
3. Månen lyser ned
4. Når mørket faller
5. Blind
6. Alt brenner nå
7. Savn
8. Øye for øye
9. Storefjell


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Kari Rueslåtten - Sørgekåpe (Spindelsinn Recordings)
  • The Final Score - 6.5/10
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