Album Review: Slow Crush – Hush (Church Road Records)

Celebrated Belgian shoegaze quartet Slow Crush will release their second album Hush on the 22nd of October via Church Road Records.

A dreamy start with Drown creates the sense of floating, weightlessly in a serene lake. The water is as still as the mind and the feeling of being at peace is so strong, but then a storm begins to whip up. The clouds darken, the air chills and the waves begin to break over the body. Subtle but panic-inducing none the less. This is Blue and Slow Crush begin to extend their shoegaze tendrils. It’s not quite a tight grip yet but it’s getting there.

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The tranquil vocals balanced with wistful guitars and punchier percussion are immense sounding but the dream is descending into nightmarish depths with Swoon. The tempo increase, unexpected but not unwelcome. Before things calm for the chilling Gloom and Slow Crush continue to showcase just how pretty and relaxing their music can be.

The other side of them features a noisier and heavier sound as featured in the stunning Swivel which transitions carefully and cleverly into the delicate beauty that is Rêve. These two tracks, put side by side, are very special. That immense sense of tranquillity is ever present, even as the title track showcases these dangerous bursts of intensity.

As ‘shoegazey’ as they come, Slow Crush are the epitome of what most think of when they hear that term but that’s no negative. Especially as they’re so damn good at it. So much so, like in a trance, time just goes by and the last few tracks emerge from the gloom. Lull, with its deliciously off-balance rhythm. Thrill, with its slow and easy melodic pace. Bent and Broken, a finale that is short and smothering, allowing a release to ensure this dreamy atmosphere never has to end.

Slow Crush – Hush Full Track Listing:

1. Drown
2. Blue
3. Swoon
4. Gloom
5. Swivel
6. Rêve
7. Hush
8. Lull
9. Thrill
10. Bent and Broken


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Slow Crush - Hush (Church Road Records)
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