Horror Movie Review: Feeders 2: Slay Bells (1998)

Not content with cursing the world with Feeders in 1996 and Night Crawlers the same year, the Polonia brothers decided to release a Christmas themed sequel to the former. In 1998, the pair wrote, starred in and directed Feeders 2: Slay Bells.

It shouldn’t have taken much at all to improve upon the original Feeders but in an unsurprising turn of events Feeders 2 is just as bad. In fact, it might be worse purely because it reuses scenes from Night Crawlers. Something most wouldn’t notice unless you’ve watched the movies within a short time frame.

Slay Bells 3

One positive about this tripe is that it is completely unconnected to the first Feeders. It has to be considering at the end of that movie the earth was destroyed and everyone died. Here all the same actors are back with Mark Polonia taking the lead role here. Alongside his wife and two kids, they plan to have the best Christmas ever.

Unfortunately for them the aliens are back and planning to have their way with the people of Earth. Who can save us? Santa Claus!

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The best thing, the absolute best thing about Feeders 2: Slay Bells is that it only lasts 68 minutes.

The energy taken to write this review is hardly worth as once again the Polonia brothers prove to be completely inept at making movies. It’s a no-budget mess filled with a horrid bunch of untalented human beings. The cast are shockingly bad but the writing is even worse. This film makes no sense coming across like the ramblings of a mad man stitched together.

Convinced that Feeders 2 is one of the worst atrocities to be put to film yet? Well, it gets worse. The effects…oh the effects.

Slay Bells 2

The aliens in the original movie looked bad but there has been no improvement at all here. Paper-mâché rubberised looking things that would be worth a chuckle if the rest of the movie had any redeeming features.

Attempting to tie in a Christmas theme has done nothing to make this anymore enjoyable. Even when a badly dressed Santa decides to start firing laser guns for the finale it can’t save this utter trash.

Slay Bells 4

I never want to see another movie by these guys ever again.


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