Album Review: Sirenia – Riddles, Ruins & Revelations (Napalm Records)

Symphonic metal institution Sirenia will release their 10th studio album, Riddles, Ruins & Revelations, on February 12th, 2021 via Napalm Records.

Founded almost 20 years ago, the French-Norwegian quartet around mastermind, bandleader, multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and producer Morten Veland, is certainly not afraid of combining a heavy symphonic sound with modern influences, all topped with the versatile mezzo soprano voice of outstanding French singer Emmanuelle Zoldan.

Spellbinding and humongous, Sirenia showcase the strength they hold within the symphonic metal world on an 11-track album build on a foundation of opulence. Riddles, Ruins & Revelations is a powerhouse of epic symphonies, crunchy metal rhythm and magnificent vocals.

Kicking off with Addiction No. 1, an energetic head-banger that has a ton of bounce to it, it’s a great start. Towards an Early Grave builds on that with chunky riffing and a darker tone before Into Infinity re-ups the energy with a ballsy shot of weird effects and danceable groove. So far, so very enjoyable and Sirenia are just getting started.

Passing Seasons’ use of group vocals makes the already stellar singing all the grander. We Come to Ruins gets a bit techno for a ferociously paced head-banger. Downwards Spiral goes massive with its rhythm while introducing male vocals for some duelling and Beneath the Midnight Sun once again highlights the electronica for a wild flurry that is as heavy as it is animated.

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There’s no arguing with just how stylish this album is and that feeling of lavishness and magnificence doesn’t evaporate as it enters the latter portion. The Timeless Waning, December Snow and This Curse of Mine showcasing the varying strengths in Sirenia. From the ripping riff work, the massive hooks, the symphonic high and meatier metal lows, the classy vocals and more.

The culmination of such epic music comes with the thumping groove of Voyage Voyage, a track so good they named it twice. The cherry on top of a damn fine record.

Sirenia – Riddles, Ruins & Revelations Full Track Listing:

1. Addiction No. 1
2. Towards an Early Grave
3. Into Infinity
4. Passing Seasons
5. We Come to Ruins
6. Downwards Spiral
7. Beneath the Midnight Sun
8. The Timeless Waning
9. December Snow
10. This Curse of Mine
11. Voyage Voyage


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Sirenia - Riddles, Ruins & Revelations (Napalm Records)
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