Album Review: Emptiness – Vide (Season of Mist)

Emptiness are back with their 6th full length ‘Vide’, the record that might be described as the most accurate musical representation of the year 2020; Unsettling anxiety manifestation in sonic form! Out on February 12th 2021 via Season of Mist.

How to describe the sound of Vide…

Take a fever dream, add a mix of suffocating comfort with dark, cold flashes and filter it through an experimental sieve. One where the chunks of heavy metal are left behind and what comes through is a smooth, rich style of dark and miserable dream pop with rock undertones.

It’s unique, that much is clear from the very start and the nearest comparisons are to the likes of Portishead and Sisters of Mercy. Yet, Emptiness also sound nothing like either band, such is the unique and eclectic style of this music. It manages to perfectly skirt the line between warmth and chilling, between comfort and conflict, between dark and light.

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One of the more intriguing effects this album has on the psyche is how it seems to affect time. Not in the sense that the album feels slow or begins to drag, but rather it wraps around the mind. Becoming like a sensory deprivation bubble where the dreamy melodies, abject vocals and eerie effects echo in the darkness. Have you been inside for 10 minutes or 10 hours? Only when silence arrives at the end does it release its tight grip.

It’s certainly a captivating listen.

Emptiness – Vide Full Track Listing:

1. Un corps à l’abandon
2. Vide, incomplet
3. Le mal est chez lui
4. Le sévère
5. Ce beau visage qui brûle
6. Détruis‐moi à l’amour
7. Plus jamais
8. L’erreur
9. On n’en finit pas
10. L’ailleurs


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Emptiness - Vide (Season of Mist)
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