Album Review: Repent – Condemned To Fail (High Roller Records)

If you had to name one German band among the first of the second wave of Thrash in the wake of the 1980s pioneers, it would be Repent. Forming in 1992 when this type of metal was not a trend anymore meant that you had to be totally convinced by what you wanted to do, sticking to it without compromise regardless of ephemeral fads.

This has remained the case for the group against all odds and changes in both the business as well as on a personal scale, and their fourth record is another proof for the fact that years of experience in combination with unbroken passion for the cause are priceless – as “Condemned to Fail” stays true to tradition and, at the same time, ahead of the pack.

During the seven years since the preceding “Vortex of Violence”, the band once again underwent line-up changes, although the outcome has been nothing but positive. Drummer Andy and bass player Alex, who already played on Repent’s second demo in 1998, are the most agile rhythm section they ever had while front man Eumel, who took an intermittent break due to private reasons, seems to put more energy than ever into his gritty voice.

According to guitarist Philip Rath, the group‘s second High Roller release is a conceptual work.

We consider ourselves to be creation’s crown but have to live in harmony with nature instead of destroying it.

Condemned to Fail will be released on August 16th 2019 via High Roller Records.



Some good old fashioned thrash for your ears, Repent’s Condemned to Fail is an aggressive slab of noise. Nine tracks for your head-banging pleasure and pleasure is the word that comes to mind.

It’s old school and raw as hell, the whirlwind of noise will capture the imagination of thrash maniacs around the world. Especially with the underground/garage feel of it all. That’s not to do them a disservice, as the best thrash is often the stuff that sounds like it is hot, sweaty and very angry. That is exactly what the likes of Pride of Creation, Theo-crazy, Empires of Evil and Mutilation Ritual are. Rough but more than ready to tear you apart with fiery savageness.

Of course there is little to sell this to you if you’ve never been a fan of thrash before. Although you’d be missing out on some killer riffs and hefty jabs of percussion. Even the vocals, while thrash familiar, have such bite, it’s hard not to get excited about this release.

It’s not a game-changer, nor will it set the metal world alight but it will satisfy, especially thrash purists.

Repent – Condemned to Fail Full Track Listing:

1. Pride of Creation
2. Progress Paradox
3. Theo-crazy
4. Hypocrite´s Tears
5. Empires of Evil
6. Mutilation Ritual
7. Scientific Ideals


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Repent - Condemned To Fail (High Roller Records)
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