Horror Short Review: Motion Detected (2021)

From Buried Hatchet Productions comes a creepy horror short called Motion Detected. Written, directed, edited and shot by Vincent Dormani, the short stars Frank Dormani who also did the impressively foreboding score.

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The story surrounds a man who has come home from a business trip to find his hall in disarray. It looks like a break-in but it’s only in the hallway. He sits down to check this security footage, provided by an app on his tablet, discovering something very strange.

It seems as though every night for the past week, a woman has been appearing in the hallway at 9pm. That’s creepy but it’s nothing compared to the fact his dog-walker doesn’t seem to be able to see her. On the footage, he sees the man come and go completely oblivious to the figure standing in the corner. At least until one night he is attacked, resulting in the mess that was found in the hallway.

The dog walker managed to escape and run for his life out the front door. Confused and very perturbed, the house owner approaches the hallway as the clock ticks over to… 9pm.

If you want to know what happens next, you’ll have to check it out yourself below. You’ll be entertained and creeped out by the events of this short. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare… at home, alone and your motion detector goes off. That alone makes for a tense experience and Motion Detected manages to hold that tension up until its final moments.


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Motion Detected (2021)
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