Album Review: Pröwess – Blacktop Therapy (Self Released)

Pröwess is a straight-on rock ‘n’ roll band hailing from the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Touring relentlessly across the U.S. as an upstart, this once relatively unknown act has amassed a loyal following in all corners with their killer live show that throws a nod to the legendary hard rock bands of the late-70’s.

The band has released two self-produced EPs in their short existence: Headfirst EP (2017) & Roll’n with the Punches LIVE EP (2018). Both of which showcased a young, frenetic band with all of the energy and panache of their heroes, albeit in very raw form. As of 2019 they have focused all of their efforts on recording their debut studio full length album, Blacktop Therapy.

Now, rocking and rolling, Pröwess are back, finally about to release their debut album on January 4th 2020.

Kicking off with energy and a proper sing-along, the riffs of the title track set the bar nice and early. Pröwess having all the get up and go that rock and roll requires and it doesn’t stop as the even more kick-ass groove of Lookin’ for a Bullet arrives.

It’s clear Pröwess have stepped up their game here, the bounce and beat of everything melding with the clean but with a gruff edge vocals. It’s this that really burns brightly on Every Right and Eyes of the Hunter before the dusty blues rockiness of Tombstone Blue comes along to offer something a little different.

So far, so good and so very rocking but Pröwess are certainly not about to let it drop anytime soon.

Heart’s Desire and Bring You Love, the latter one of the raciest and most exciting tracks of the album. It really gets under the skin.

Keeping the album short, something that is actually pretty welcome in the end as Pröwess would run the risk of overstaying their welcome. Welcome Home and All Downhill don’t make any changes to the formula but at this stage that’s actually not a bad thing. There’s little chance of anyone getting sick of the good times that Pröwess deliver here.

Pröwess – Blacktop Therapy Full Track Listing:

1. Blacktop Therapy
2. Lookin’ for a Bullet
3. Every Right
4. Eyes of the Hunter
5. Tombstone Blue
6. Heart’s Desire
7. Bring Your Love
8. Welcome Home
9. All Downhill


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Pröwess - Blacktop Therapy (Self Released)
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