Horror Short Review: Outside is Frightful (2015)

Jenna is a young woman introduced as she gets up and starts to apply makeup. Loud music breaks her concentration and she gets into an argument with her younger brother, Jacob. He loves Christmas whereas she hates it.

On her way to the mall she runs into a friend called Ben who wishes her a merry Christmas and they have a brief conversation about what is so merry about Christmas. It’s here that an initial nagging thought erupts like a pus-filled boil. The acting. The acting is horrendous.

The conversation between these two is painful to watch and even though it lasts no more then 20 odd seconds, it feels like 20 minutes.

It turns out that Jenna works at a Santa’s Grotto and the Santa suit was stolen. We then get even more awkward dialogue and acting between her and a friend. Where they discuss the possibility of Jenna dating Ben before the short cuts to Jenna now leaving the mall.

Once again, she runs into Ben who is now coming across like a stalker. He tells her that he has a surprise for her tomorrow and to get a good night’s sleep.

The short really comes off the rails as we get sudden jumps in time and horrendous setups for what will be the final act. The most important being stalker Ben giving Jenna a homemade snowman that he claims is a good-luck charm that represents Krampus.

Jenna then learns that a group of people calling themselves ‘The Elves’ are in town. Supposedly a cult that worship Krampus and one that will be paying Jenna and her family a visit on Christmas Eve.

Normally, I’d say check it out yourself below but to be honest, Outside is Frightful is such a bad short, it’s best you steer clear.

The story isn’t the problem. In fact, it’s kind of interesting but the haphazard way it is told and how it is dragged out makes it seem far worse than it is. Of course, the biggest issues surround the acting and in that regard, there is nothing positive to say. There is amateur acting and then there is Outside is Frightful.


Outside is Frightful (2015)
  • The Final Score - 3/10
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