EP Review: Pröwess – Headfirst (Independant)

Headfirst is the debut EP from hard-rock band Pröwess & will be released on the 17th of January 2017. 5 songs of balls out, head-banging rock music that has a definite old-school party vibe about it. You can pre-order the EP here.

Opening song No Survivors is a fast-paced number with a catchy beat but it’s hardly an exciting start. A repetitive chorus does little to redeem the track even if the tune is hardly lacking in the rhythm department. It’s just a bit flat.

Thankfully Show Me turns things around, showcasing some good riffs & vastly improved vocal work. The beat is straight-forward but very catchy, something that pretty much applies to the entire EP.

The issues lie with just how unexciting it is, it’s such a throwback that you could confuse Pröwess with the likes of Steel Panther. Some of the guitar hooks & solos are head-bangingly good (such as during Killing a Giant) & often mark out the best moments on the EP.

By the 4th track it’s beginning to lose what lustre it had & the realisation that Pröwess don’t have much else in the bag begins to creep over you. There are going to be loads of old-school hard rock fans that are going to love every minute of this though, it’s got loads of swagger, attitude & groove.

It ends on the sleazy sound of Overboard, a strong finish that really amps up the fire while keeping plenty of the groove.

Fans of old school, hard rock with plenty of riffs (think AC/DC) will really get a kick out of these songs. There are plenty of high moments but by the 4th track it becomes clear that you’ve heard the best of what Pröwess have to offer.

Overall Track Listing:

1. No Survivors
2. Show Me
3. Killing a Giant
4. Shaker
5. Overboard

You can check out more about Pröwess over on their official website, on Facebook, on Twitter & on Istagram. You can also check out their video for No Survivors below!


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Pröwess - Headfirst (Independant)
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