Live Review: Deserted Fear at The Underworld, Camden, London (19/12/19)

We’ve often made mention before in live reviews that if a band look like they are having an absolute blast on stage, then those good vibes will spread throughout the crowd. We know it’s metal and being miserable/angry looking is the ‘done’ thing but we’ll take grinning and happy bands any day over that.

Why am I bringing this up again? Simply because Deserted Fear look and act like they never wanted to be anywhere else. From the moment they come out on the tiny Underworld stage to the final roaring riffs, the band are grinning from ear to ear.

Part of why they are so happy seems to be the size of the crowd that has gathered to see them. I’ve seen headliners play to smaller crowds here and the Underworld is packed half an hour after doors have opened. London loves death metal and London seems to love Deserted Fear.

For good reason too as these fellas are on top form tonight. Which caps off a momentous year for them with new album Drowned by Humanity being released to rave reviews earlier this year.

The death metallers deliver a compelling set that is over far too quickly. Not a lot can be done there, they are the opening band on a three-band bill after all. However, the cheers, applause and general reaction to the band really suggest that Deserted Fear could fill this room on their own.

A classy showcase of grabbing an opportunity and making sure it counts. They loved it, we loved it…that is as near perfect as you can get.



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Deserted Fear at The Underworld, Camden, London (19/12/19)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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