Album Review: Osi and the Jupiter – Nordlige Rúnaskog (Eisenwald)

Eisenwald present Osi and the Jupiter’s highly anticipated third album, “Nordlige Rúnaskog”, on CD and vinyl LP formats, for release on November 29th 2019!

Osi and the Jupiter hail from the wheat-and-rust landscape of Ohio, along the Cuyahoga River, which altogether might be surprising given the band’s sound austere, awe-inspiring pagan folk that spans a vast expanse of atmospheres, textures, and dynamics. From its birth in 2015, the focus of this largely instrumental project has been on the spiritual connection between nature and the will of the old gods. Channeled through various representations of life, death, and rebirth, this connection speaks through these musical creations, resonating as wordless tributes to these nebulous-yet-fundamental concepts.

Dripping in emotional folk melodies, Nordlige Rúnaskog is a touching and poignant release where the duo of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Sean Kratz and the cello work of co-conspirator Kakophonix take us on an hour-plus journey. A journey of both light and dark, one based in nature and one that conjures up beauty untouched by man’s deadly hands.

Mostly instrumental, when we do get vocals they’re on the darker and more cold side of things but with range. Turning the likes of Læradr, Dødelig Fartoy, GaldrFöder and the previously-reviewed single, Grå Hest into almost ritualistic chants of ancient times.

It’s not an easy album to describe or recommend, it’s not a metal album for starters. Completely routed in folk and driven by the violin. So if that’s not your thing then this album just isn’t going to be for you. It’s as simple as that even if the likes of Fjörgyn, Nordlige Eik Tre, The White Elk and Fylgja II (To Tread the Path of Fire) are so gorgeously haunting it’s hard not shed a tear.

Osi and the Jupiter – Nordlige Rúnaskog Full Track Listing:

1. Fjörgyn
2. Læradr
3. Dødelig Fartoy
4. Much Wisdom is Such Grief
5. Ettr Storman
6. Nordlige Eik Tre
7. Grå Hest
8. Det Hører Til Skogen
9. GaldrFöder
10. The White Elk
11. Fylgja I (Blood of Yew)
12. Ymir
13. Fylgja II (To Tread the Path of Fire)




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Osi and the Jupiter - Nordlige Rúnaskog (Eisenwald)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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