EP Review: Osi and the Jupiter – Grå Hest (Eisenwald)

The “Grå Hest” EP is the harbinger of the next Osi and the Jupiter album “Nordlige Rúnaskog”, which is set for a release in autumn 2019.

Two tracks long, side A, narrates a part of the Völsunga saga, where Siegfried meets up with Odin disguised as a grey-bearded old man, and how Grani, the most beautiful steed and offspring of Sleipnir, became Siegfried’s horse.

Side B is the exclusive track “Autumn”, a tranquil, piano synth piece leading the first preview into the world of the upcoming Osi and the Jupiter record.


As a precursor to their new album, Grå Hest does two things well. The first is creating anticipation for the new album and the second is being a strong standalone two track EP.

Being unfamiliar with Osi and the Jupiter it also serves as an introduction to the band for us. One that leaves a strong impression thanks to the band’s understanding of what peacefulness should sound like.

The title track is folk-based melodies, warm and comforting. It’s ancient sounding but offers no threat, only peace and tranquillity. The sound of a cool breeze, warm meadows and blue skies. Wonderful.

Autumn is similar in that it calms the mind and soul but has a more sombre approach with a clever mix of synth and piano. It’s not quite as uplifting but conjures up images of the season it is named after. The nights draw closer and the breeze is turning to cold winds. The leaves are falling from the trees…it’s still peaceful, just a different kind of peace.


Osi and the Jupiter – Grå Hest Full Track Listing:

1. Grå Hest
2. Autumn


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Osi and the Jupiter - Grå Hest (Eisenwald)
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