The Attraction of Pokies in New Zealand

Casino games have become more popular in New Zealand, especially slot games that they fondly call pokies. Almost every adult has had some interaction with a slot or plays one daily. In most casinos, online pokies are the largest attraction.

Why New Zealand gamers love pokies

Slot games were introduced in New Zealand back in 1991. Then, they were neither called pokies nor accepted by the government. A parliamentary law that latter allowed the regulated operation of slot games started their trend. Most players ended up loving it as it was simple to get the hang of and play. That is how New Zealanders’ love for pokies developed. However, at some point, the frenzy was so intense that in 2001, the government passed a regulation that no more pokies were to be installed in the capital.

Modern pokies

As soon as the government allowed for the operation and regulation of pokies, they began to sprout in pubs, hotels, and other entertainment hot spots. Apart from their ease of play, Kiwis loved them for having exciting rounds and had remarkably lucrative payouts. Even better, pokies came with progressive jackpots that every gambler loves. Who would not want to hit a multi-million dollar jackpot? Pokies were the only games that would turn ordinary people into millionaires. These days, the New Zealand government has put in place even more stringent measures that require all pokies to be monitored with an EMS (Electronic Monitoring System) to ensure the house does not take advantage of its players.

Online pokies

As technology continued to advance, pokies developed as quickly as mobile technology did. In 2004, the first online pokies surfaced and included well-loved classics like Cash Splash and Fruit Fiesta. They did not become hits in an instant, as the internet was still rather alien, though the tech-savvy of 1994 seemed to love them. In the late 90s, everyone who had access to the internet and loved online gaming had tried the classics and loved them. Even more games kept cropping up and were received with the same vigorous energy.

However, in 2003, the New Zealand government banned online gambling. Still, pokies are well-loved by New Zealanders who take advantage of loopholes in the law to play them. The law may ban online gambling in the country, but it does not explicitly restrict off-shore casino service providers from offering their services.

Some basic pokies info for the newbie

  • Pokies can be classified according to the number of reels they have; for instance, classic slots as old as 1994 have 3-reels. These classic slots also bring you nearly the same quality of play as modern slots. However, they have smaller spaces, fewer paylines, and winning combinations.
  • 5-reel pokies are loved better by Kiwis because they come with additional features and twists that make gaming even more entertaining. Their interface is larger, and due to the increase in the number of reels, the winning combinations are more.
  • 7-reel pokies are a new concept in the gambling world, and their popularity is rising steadily. They have more features and rules, but as soon as you get the hang of them, the additional features and winning combinations will make for a lucrative game.
  • Video slots are slots that have video graphics that are dazzling, crisp, and clean to provide a more realistic interface.
  • Progressive pokies incorporate progressive jackpots triggered by specific symbols.

Average RTP of New Zealand Pokies

The RTP is the percentage of all players’ total wagers that the slot will return to players as winnings I’m the long run. You can always find the RTP at the paytable, websites, review websites, or the help section of your favorite online slot. Most New Zealand pokies’ RTP ranges between 94-96%. When looking for a great slot to play, select one with an RTP of 96% and above.

Don’t miss out

Pokies are a fun option for players starting in the world of gambling in New Zealand. They have a rich history, and the entertainment they offer is what makes them so popular. Make sure you try some out.