Album Review: Obzerv – Acherontia Atropos (Self Released)

Formed in 2011, Obzerv swiftly laid the seeds for their persistently imaginative mix of modern metal with progressive inclinations and technical agility. A self-financed three-song promo enticed a great many with its release the following year but it was the band’s self-titled debut album in 2014, via Greek label Trailblazer Records, which awoke a tide of new recognition and praise for the outfit. The release revealed the band’s creativity and sound boldly comfortable in its skin and exploration but at the same time offering the potential of even richer and deeper depths which “Acherontia atropos” now revels in.

With “Acherontia atropos” Obzerv is not only ready to step into the fullest spotlights of metal but bring it a whole new fresh and intrepid not forgetting physically and creatively compelling quest.

It will be released on April 5th 2019.

Obzerv 2

Built on a bedrock of technical death metal, Obzerv’s new album is a complex beast of roaring riffs, merciless vocals and mind-numbing heaviness. It’s fast-paced ruthlessness with little in the way of give as That Defining Moment lays down the heavy metal marker.

Apex Predator then sees Obzerv step up in the rhythmic drumming department while also throwing out a cheeky guitar solo alongside mammoth-sized riffs. We then start to get a bit more of a melodic metal feel with segments of guitar melody and clean singing in Mother Nature is a Serial Killer and Agitated. The former is a very strong track, with some interestingly airy effects layered throughout.

It does come something as surprise to then get a near 10 minute track in the form of Overthrown. An unfortunate miss on the band’s part as it’s just too long even if a darker sound does appeal.

They pick back up with the raging intensity of Thought and Voice and the oppressive yet inventive riffing of Desensitise. A strong pairing that keeps up the powerful intensity that ooze out of Obzerv’s collective being.

As we reach the end we get a super-fuzzed out melodic number in Overthrown that serves as an entree to Plot Twist’s final groove-tastic beat. As endings go, Obzerv couldn’t have closed out the album any better way.

Obzerv 1

Obzerv – Acherontia atropos Full Track Listing:

1. That Defining Moment
2. Apex Predator
3. Mother Nature Is a Serial Killer
4. Agitated
5. Overthrown
6. Thought and Voice
7. Desensitise
8. Stage Chrysalis
9. Plot Twist



The album can be ordered over on Bandcamp where merchandise and earlier releases can also be found. Find out more about Obzerv via their Facebook Page and Instagram!


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Obzerv - Acherontia Atropos (Self Released)
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