Single Slam: The Divide and Dissident by Black Lakes

Black Lakes are an alternative hard rock/metal band from South Wales and the South West of England. They draw influences from across the alternative hard rock and metal scene.

The band recorded their debut EP this summer and have released The Divide and Dissident from that EP. With the third track, Ghosts (Of Our Memories) to come later in the year before the full EP is dropped.

Black Lakes 2

The Divide is an anthemic song, massive in sound and style. A blend of chuggy riffs and hard-hitting groove, with vocals that swell and ascend while still being heavy. It certainly ticks the right boxes for melody and metal, however showcases a maturity that many may not expect. There’s nothing to complain about here, it’s just top shelf gold.

Dissident has such a great start, little bit of melody with some bass thrumming away in the background. Then everything hits and it is explosive as hell. Bang your head mother-f**kers, there is no arguing with the quality of that start. It then drops into a more subtle and moody sounding beat but builds back up the chorus which is phenomenal. What a track this is!

The Divide is a great song but Dissident is a bloody great song. These are songs that get many, many repeat plays.

Head over to Black Lakes’ website to find out even more and check out their Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

The Divide and Dissident by Black Lakes
  • Dissident - 9/10
  • The Divide - 8.5/10
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