Album Review: Mr. Plow – Maintain Radio Silence (Self Released)

Stoner metal band Mr. Plow will release their new album Maintain Radio Silence on January 26th 2018. The album is the first new release from the band in over 10 years and is the follow-up to 2006’s Asteroid 25399.

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Sigil introduces things with dirty groove, trippy effects & melodic vocals. Dripping in stoner rhythm, it is an attention grabbing start. The grime that covers the riffs & hooks continue into the Alice in Chains like Samizdat & the brilliant catchiness of Shaolin Cowboy. The latter of the two delivering a screaming guitar solo alongside riffs that slay.

Mixing upbeat stoner rock songs with moody & grungy songs keeps Mr. Plow’s style sounding fresh. The likes of Matchstick, Johnny Gentle, the title track & Hammer Smashed Face all offer varying sludgy & trippy stoner sounds that demand every bit of your attention.

While Million Bucks, Spark Arrester & the brilliant tribute to actor Bill Paxton (Paxton) all travel at a faster, rockier pace. At nearly an hour long it’s amazing that Mr. Plow keep things so interesting from the very first second to the very last. This is not an album that bores, every new song bringing devilish riffs, stoner rhythms & grungy vocals in excess.

An excellent album ends with one last slice of dirty groove on Southbound. One final slurry of filth delivering heavy bass strumming & a memorable guitar solo.

Plow 2

Mr. Plow – Maintain Radio Silence Full Track Listing:

1. Sigil
2. Samizdat
3. Shaolin Cowboy
4. Matchstick
5. Memento
6. Johnny Gentle
7. Million Bucks
8. Maintain Radio Silence
9. Spark Arrester
10. Hammer Smashed Face
11. Paxton
12. Southbound

You can find out everything you need to about Mr. Plow as well as pick up merch over on their website. You can stream/purchase their music on Spotify & Bandcamp (where you can order the new album). Check them out on Facebook & Instagram while you’re at it.

Mr. Plow - Maintain Radio Silence (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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