EP Review: (D)juret – Sök din sekt (Cramada)

The debut release from Swedish punk/ska/crust-metal act (D)juret is called Sök din sekt & will be released on January 12th 2018 via Cramada.

Cramada 1

Combining the energy and honesty of punk with the power and uneasiness that can come from metal, (D)juret deliver three tracks of intensity. As well as poetic beauty fused together to create a harmonious sound. One that has all the bounce of folk-inspired ska.

Mental vinter & En gud are beat heavy & groovy sounding tracks with the latters increasing & heavier pace really resonating loudly. The short & punky sounds work well, exciting enough which makes the final track a bit of an oddity. Coming in at about nine minutes long, the title track is the most technically profeciant sounding of the bunch. One with a lot more variety & tempo changes but the long run time just sees the similar sounding bounce fall a little flat.

With about three minutes left it completely changes direction. Turning into a more traditional metal/slightly black metal sounding track with a bit of spoken word. A tough track to get to grips with but one that shows (D)juret have way more in the tank then just punky & ska bounce.

Cramada 2

(D)juret – Sök din sekt Full Track Listing:

1. Mental vinter
2. En gud
3. Sök din sekt

You can pick up (D)juret’s music over on Bandcamp & find out more about them on Facebook. You can also stream on Spotify, follow the band on Instagram, Twitter & subscribe on YouTube.


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(D)juret - Sök din sekt (Cramada)
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