Album Review: Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse (Century Media Records)

Watain return with their sixth studio album, moving away from the rockier style of 2013’s The Wild Hunt. Trident Wolf Eclipse is a seething & pulsating black metal attack, out now via Century Media Records.

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The black metal three-piece have had a long & storied career, one that begun in 1998. Considered the cream of black metal, expectation is high & with the blazing speed & heaviness of opener, Nuclear Alchemy they don’t disappoint.

A return to a rawer but still clean sound, it’s a gruesome start that is chaotic in its heaviness but retaining a bit of rhythm thanks to a tight bass sound. Frontman Erik Danielsson is at his snarling best here, spitting out pure hate.

Sacred Damnation ups the black metal rhythm having the audacity to actually be kind of catchy before Teufelsreich’s sickening heaviness corrupts the mind. The latter might have a groovier & slower style but it’s a brief chance to suck in some air before the ferociousness returns.

Trident Wolf Eclipse is a crushing & streamlined effort. Dropping the experimental side of the last couple of albums for uncompromising bloodshed. The thrashy middle of A Throne Below, the crunching drumming of Ultra (Pandemoniac) and the best track on the album, Towards the Sanctuary. The latter is a wickedly evil highlight.

It’s best to see The Fire of Power as the album’s closer as it delivers punchy riffs & a visceral effort from Danielsson. A memorable finale on an album filled with memorable black metal goodness. Watain keep things interesting & fresh sounding throughout with only the added instrumental bonus track, Antikrists Mirakel proving to be a pointless addition.

While it may not be the best Watain release, Trident Wolf Eclipse is not far off it. The black metal trio prove that once again that they are masters of this genre.

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Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse Full Track Listing:

1. Nuclear Alchemy
2. Sacred Damnation
3. Teufelsreich
4. Furor Diabolicus
5. A Throne Below
6. Ultra (Pandemoniac)
7. Towards the Sanctuary
8. The Fire of Power
9. Antikrists Mirakel (Bonus Track)

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Check it out yourself via Apple Music below.


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Watain - Trident Wolf Eclipse (Century Media Records)
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