Album Review: Lör – In Forgotten Sleep (Self Released)

Philadelphia based progressive power metal band, Lör will release their debut album, In Forgotten Sleep on August 11th 2017.

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Lör offer a folksy, melodic mix of power rock & metal tunes all with a serious sense of epic. Opening song Dusk is a huge sounding track blending subtle acoustic guitar strumming with sudden blasts of heavy metal riffs. It’s a combination that just soars, one that leaves you feeling challenged & interested by what’s laid out in front of you.

Dark Cloud brings a bit more of a power metal sound to proceedings. Moving at a much faster pace, it showcases guitar riffing at its heart but the passionate vocals can’t be ignored either. Compared to the 10 minute epic that came before, this 3 minute stomp just doesn’t manage to hit enough of the right boxes to be memorable though.

The variety in style shown so far goes into overdrive for the stunning Requiem, a song that twists & turns in ways you can barely imagine. A song that showcases a serious amount of talent within Lör. The realisation begins to set in that In Forgotten Sleep is something really special. A different style of power metal that really feels progressive.

Quality song after quality song, the up-tempo beat of Visions of Awakening that shows off some intense beauty midway with lovely melody & soft singing. The haunting tune of Song for the Lost that rips a hole through the soul & Eidolon, that goes for the throat with its proggy guitars.

It’s a hell of an adventurous album. So much so that it can actually get a bit much to really take it all in. This is not an album that you listen too once. There’s so much going on that you’d only end up disappointed. Give this incredible piece of work time, let it sink in.

It wraps up with the incredible title track that is nearly 10 minutes of wondrous folk & epic power metal. An absolute barn-burner of a final track that will leave a silly smile on your face.

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Lör – In Forgotten Sleep Full Track Listing:

1. Dusk
2. Dark Cloud
3. Requiem
4. The Forest
5. Visions of Awakening
6. Song for the Lost
7. Aura
8. Eidolon
9. Spectrum
10. In Forgotten Sleep

You can order In Forgotten Sleep over on Bandcamp here. Head over to Facebook to find out more about Lör!

Lör - In Forgotten Sleep (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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