Album Review: Impavid Colossus – Prologue (Wikimetal Music)

Brazilian heavy rock/metal band Impavid Colossus are releasing their debut album, Prologue on the 13th July 2021 via Wikimetal Music.

You think Brazil, you think heavy music so it’s quite a nice surprise to listen to something like Prologue that leans more towards a hard rock sound. Hell, at times it has stadium rock qualities which says a lot about Impavid Colossus.

Filled with tons of riffs, hooks and beats, delivering thrills and chills with their exceptionally good choruses and making sure the head-bangers out there have plenty to enjoy. This is a stellar debut that has the air of a band much further into their careers then you might think. Tracks like Claim Your Existence, Rise and Fall, Hope and Man or Mouse are disgustingly catchy.

A lot of the praise that can be heaped on Prologue and Impavid Colossus has to surely fall at the feet of the vocals which are stellar throughout. Think a slightly gruffer Miles Kennedy of Alter Bridge with a touch of the late Layne Staley from Alice in Chains. A great example of this vocal power comes in the track King. With its melancholic start leading into a much chuggier and uplifting rhythm.

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Although the excellent Preachers of Salvation certainly deserves a mention too. The melody and kick-ass drum beat work off the vocals brilliantly.

It’s just a damn fine hard rock album from beginning to end. Something that is so rhythmically pleasing all the way throughout, encouraging you to find your voice and sing along loudly.

Impavid Colossus – Prologue Full Track Listing:

1. I.
2. Home of the Brave
3. Claim Your Existence
4. Stronger
5. King
6. Rise and Fall
7. II
8. Preachers of Salvation
9. Hope
10. Faith and Science
11. Man or Mouse
12. Bullets


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Impavid Colossus - Prologue (Wikimetal Music)
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