Horror Movie Review: Yeti (2020)

Directed by Jamaal Burden, written by J.D. Ellis and starring Katrina Mattson, Amy Gordon and Robert Berlin. Yeti aka Abominable is a low-budget entry in the killer Yeti sub-genre. Yes, there have been enough Yeti movies to now say there is a sub-genre.

The plot of this latest offering sees a research team journeying to Himalayan mountains to find a fabled flower. One that could help cure people of debilitating and terminal diseases. Of course, it’s not as simple as just going up the mountain and picking the flower. No, this is Yeti territory and this creature will do anything to protect its terrain.

It’s not an exciting premise at all and doesn’t result in an exciting film. However, it’s actually better than expected even if it doesn’t always seem it. You’re going to have to put up with some really slow parts, some dodgy acting and a story that is beyond predictable.

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So, what makes it an alright watch? Well, it’s not a long film (72 minutes) and it has some surprisingly good gore effects. When this Yeti attacks, it is not gentle at all. Limbs are ripped off, heads are caved in… hell, even someone’s face gets torn off. It all looks really good too, especially against the snowy backdrop.

The titular character, the Yeti looks ok too. The movie isn’t afraid to show it, clear as day so it had to hold up and it does. For such a low-budget film, there clearly was a fair amount of effort put in. You can’t help but wonder how good Yeti could have been with a stronger cast and a better story.

Unfortunately, those are problems and important problems too. Enjoyable gore and solid effects aren’t enough to save this movie. Chances are you’ll find yourself beginning to check out when the characters are talking (what characters!?) before being snapped back in when the next death occurs. Regardless of its short length, that doesn’t make for an easy watch and few could blame you for not even bothering.

The most praise that can be given to Yeti is that it’s better than expected and if that’s not a glowing indictment of the sub-genre, nothing is.


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