Album Review: Ignea – The Realms of Fire and Death (Kadabra Music)

Ignea is a Ukrainian melodic metal band with a modern sound, mixing heavy riffs with symphonic, electronic, and folk elements that create a powerful OST-like experience.

The Realms of Fire and Death is a concept album with a strong story-telling, metaphors and symbols. It is divided into three major parts, each consisting of 3 songs. Each part outlines a separate story, bringing the themes of fire and death from different perspectives.

For the first time, Ignea created a song Чорне Полум’я (Chorne Polumia) in their mother tongue, Ukrainian. On the album, this song also comes with an English version as a bonus. Apart from the original tracks, the album also contains a cover for Í Tokuni by the Faroese singer-songwriter Eivør.

This is an exclusive edition of their new album “The Realms of Fire and Death”, to be released via Kadabra Music on July 3rd, 2020, and exclusive for physical distribution. The CD will be available as a 4-panel digipak and will be distributed by Plastic Head in the UK/Europe, Season of Mist (France) and Rock Inc. (BeNeLux).

Gaze upon the splendour and marvel at what Ignea have created here. A conceptual release that draws you into their realm of powerful melodic and symphonic metal. Something that is easy to promise but not so easy to realise. Yet, Ignea set the bar so high early on with the trio of Queen Dies, Чорне Полум’я and Out of My Head.

The first part of the story delivering a mix of gorgeous and dark melodies with powerful symphonic moments and crushing metal heaviness. A combination that has served many a band well with Ignea adding their name to that list now.

Part two and the next trio of tracks begins with the cover of Eivør’s Í Tokuni. Being completely unfamiliar with the original, there’s nothing to compare it too. Which means it can be enjoyed in a bubble. Good use of synth, exciting rhythm and a strong vocal performance lifts it up high to be admired.

Synth that also appears in the franticly heavy Too Late to Be Born before the second section ends with the folksy and lighter sound of What For.

That sets up the downright filthy riffs of part three and Gods of Fire, a belter of a track. The excitement building towards a hysterical finish and leading into the authoritative symphonic touches of Jinnslammer. A contender for the best track on the album.

Happily Disenchantment doesn’t wrap up the album poorly with one final strong melodic metal offering. Although there is a bonus track in the form of Black Flame, the English speaking version of the earlier Чорне Полум’я.

Ignea – The Realm of Fire and Death Full Track Listing:

1. Queen Dies
2. Чорне Полум’я
3. Out Of My Head
4. Í Tokuni (Eivør Cover)
5. Too Late To Be Born
6. What For
7. Gods of Fire
8. Jinnslammer
9. Disenchantment
10. Black Flame (Bonus Track)




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Ignea - The Realms of Fire and Death (Kadabra Music)
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