Album Review: Mora Prokaza – By Chance (Season of Mist)

The band with the cunning name Mora Prokaza was formed back in 2013 by Farmakon (guitars, vocals) and Isvind (drums). Both musicians have a long-term experience of playing in many local Belorussian extreme metal bands. The material for the first release “Bringer of Plague” was quickly composed and released in early 2015 and with that, Mora Prokaza shared Russian stages with many different bands.

Shortly after the release of their debut album, Isvind left the band and furious drummer Hatestorm joins the band commencing the recording of new material. With the addition of Hatestorm, the band opened up for new opportunities and In May 2015 the musicians presented a brand-new EP “My Awakening” shorty followed by a new full-length “Dark Universe” (2016).

In 2018 Mora Prokaza completely changed their approach to composing and their sound concept with the release of the single ‘Blacker than Black’. The band reinvened themselves with great feedback from fans all around the world. The band set out for new musical horizons and started recording a brand-new full length after signing a deal with Season of Mist.

This new full length is called By Chance and will be released on the 3rd July 2020.

Avant-garde extreme black metal, By Chance is certainly one of the more unique offerings coming from the heavier end of the scale this year. Weird and eclectic, there’s a macabre energy to opener WIMG that is genuinely interesting. The band meshing several elements together to make a twisted anecdote that sticks in the brain matter.

With ethereal effects and obscure sounding melodies, I’m Not Yours continues to challenge. Eventually delving into Mora Prokaza’s magical bag of tricks for a beastly second half. It’s one hell of an uncomfortable sounding track, whereas Check It’s gothic folksy tune is downright delightful in how twisted it sounds. This is the sort of stuff that makes Mora Prokaza so special.

It’s a little more of a stressful listen as the band throw their very all into I’m A Human and I See It This Way. The violent approach of the vocals in the former is wonderful while the latter’s effective assault of odd melodies, near spat out vocals and jerky dark rhythms drones on to the point of welcoming madness.

Think it can’t get any stranger? Mora Prokaza have something to say about that with the ritualistic tome of Madonna. The flames growing in stature with Be There and the evil grip that slithers in from the tentacles of Sorry Man. All before the fascinating insanity comes to a close with the 2018 single, Blacker Than Black. One of the most fiery tracks on the album by some stretch.

Mora Prokaza – By Chance Full Track Listing:

2. I’m Not Yours
3. Check It
4. I’m A Human
5. I See It This Way
6. Madonna
7. Be There
8. Sorry Man
9. Blacker Than Black




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Mora Prokaza - By Chance (Season of Mist)
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