Album Review: Decrepid – Endless Sea of Graves (Xtreem Music)

Reborn in the miserable winter of 2008, what started as a Thrash band in 2005 is now the violent, hatred sound of old school Death Metal!

Decrepid have slowly but surely carved out a name for themselves as one of the strongest Death Metal bands in the UK. Making their official debut in 2011 with the “Devoted to Death” album. In late 2012 the band recorded a three-track demo entitled “Mausoleum of the Forgotten”, officially released the following year. This short but ferocious statement of intent caught the attention of industry legend and Death Metal aficionado Dave Rotten of Avulsed, who promptly signed the band to his iconic label, Xtreem Music.

This first product of this union was the band’s devastating second album “Osseous Empire”, released half way through 2015.

Following the introduction of Tom Foran on drums and Alex H. Studholme on bass, the band has spent recent years working tirelessly on their latest forward-thinking release “Endless Sea of Graves” which further develops the band’s sound, while retaining their signature uncompromising approach to old school Death Metal. The album is due for release on 7 July 2020 on Xtreem Music.

If you yearn for something rooted in the old-school and traditional sound of death metal. Something that is foul without complication or excessiveness then Decrepid have what you desire.

Rumbling and grumbling their way through 6 tracks of seething and loathing anger distilled through Decrepid’s methods. Ones that involve riffs that flay, solos that scrap, hooks that dig in deep, drums that shatter and vocals that scratch and claw. Each moment an assault on the mind, body and soul.

It’s not hyperbole to suggest that Endless Sea of Grave will leave death metal fans a quivering mess.

Decrepid – Endless Sea of Graves Full Track Listing:

1. Fields of Flesh
2. Phobos Descent
3. Armoured Apocalypse
4. Plagued by Mortality
5. Per Maleficium
6. Endless Sea of Graves




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Decrepid - Endless Sea of Graves (Xtreem Music)
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