Album Review: Northern Crown – In a Pallid Shadow (Self Released)

In the cracks between the genres of Doom, Prog, and Rock n’ Roll, Northern Crown find a unique fit.

The band’s journey to their third full-length album has been deliberately long, and the music better for it. Their first EP, In The Hands of The Betrayer, found the band knocking on the door to the halls of classic heavy metal and drew comparisons to Candlemass, Black Sabbath, and My Dying Bride. In pursuit of a sound with more teeth to it, their first album, The Others, saw them summon a prog spirit as they tested their footing on the fringes of genres. All the while, the collective personal experiences of the bandmates provided ample ammunition for a barn-burning self-titled second album to come.

Moody and murky, the opening guitar and drum salvo of Leprosarium is as doomy as you can get. When the vocals arrive the picture becomes clearer, having more in comparison with the old school landmarks of the genre.

It all seems fairly simple and innocuous, totally fine classic doom, nothing to get too excited about.

…and then Northern Crown begin to stretch their progressive muscles and suddenly we have a totally different beast. One that still has the skin of doom but is far from shackled by it. If you’re not completely sold by the amazing guitar solo in the latter half, you might want to check your hearing.

Making the experience of In A Pallid Shadow all the grander and more gothic, The Last Snowfall is simply a stunner. Whereas A Vivid Monochrome is an emotionally affecting slice of rich sadness that will stay with you long afterwards.

This incredible album from this incredible band continues to push forth with the chunkier rhythm of 8 Hours. The doomy pace beginning to drag the mind down making the finale of Observing almost welcome. Well, that and the fact that is another absolute banger. A progressive and epic doom banger.

Northern Crown – In A Pallid Shadow Full Track Listing:

1. Leprosarium
2. The Last Snowfall
3. A Vivid Monochrome
4. 8 Hours
5. Observing




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Northern Crown - In a Pallid Shadow (Self Released)
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