Album Review: Negative Wall – Gammagelu (Black Doomba Records)

Georgia doom metal trio Negative Wall prepares to release their debut album Gammagelu in early 2019. Formed just this year by seasoned metal stalwarts Tommy Stewart (bass/vocals), Don Cole (guitar), and Dennis Reid (drums), the band recorded Gammagelu in seven days following only seven rehearsals. The album, whose title is Latin for “Frost of Gamma,” features three sci-fi themed originals and a cover of Electric Wizard’s “Torquemada 71”.

The album will be released on February 8th 2019 via Black Doomba Records.

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It’s kind of funny but doom is pretty hot right now amongst the sub-genres of metal. We’re noticing more and more bands coming out of the darkness to showcase their sombre and depressing sounds. Negative Wall are another gaining plenty of attention and their debut will only help that.

Taking cues from the cleaner and smoother doom styles out there, Gammagelu’s three original tracks are sinister and smothering tunes. The soundtrack to terrible sights and heresy, the Sci-Fi themes only serve to enhance the uncomfortable but enlightening songs.

For most of its runtime Imperii Exsules (Galactic Viatores) keeps things straight-forward with echoes of bass, methodical riffing and mournful vocals. Then with 3 minutes of its 8 remaining, it drifts away into a super-slow and twisted melodic rhythm before building in force that chips away at the listener’s sanity.



The following Hybrid Genus Serpentis is utterly brilliant. Upping the meatiness of the riffs and giving the vocals an effect that makes it sound like multiple voices. This is a track that really shows off Negative Wall’s individuality and both them and us are all the better for it.

The final original track, Mater Saeva Kp22 continues that but with a much tougher edge as if the album is devolving as it goes on. As progression goes, it does not disappoint but isn’t the strongest of the three either.

Finally, Gammagelu wraps up with a cover of Electric Wizard’s Torquemada 71. The rules for covers are very simple…don’t butcher the original and give it your own edge. Negative Wall do both happily.

Negative Wall 1

Negative Wall – Gammagelu Full Track Listing:

1. Imperii Exsules (Galactic Viatores)
2. Hybrid Genus Serpentis
3. Mater Saeva Kp22
4. Torquemada 71 (Electric Wizard Cover)

Gammagelu can be ordered via Bandcamp here and more can be found about Negative Wall on Facebook.


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Negative Wall - Gammagelu (Black Doomba Records)
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