Album Review: Hell Bent – Apocalyptic Lamentations (Various Labels)

Apocalyptic Lamentations, the new LP/CD/Cassette from Providence, Rhode Island’s Hell Bent will be unleashed on June 14th, 2019. Following the success of their 6-song cassette EP, hell bent have continued their Crossover/Thrash/D-beat brand of metal with some more varied songwriting and an even bigger production this time around.

It will be available via Horror Pain Gore Death on CD. Armageddon Label and Atomic Actions Records will do the vinyl and Metal Swarm will release on cassette.

You can read our review of the self titled EP here.


Roughness on another level, hell bent’s full length debut is a bucking and thrashing wild beast. Noisy as hell, the blackened thrash style is furious and fast.

Hell Bent move at one pace and it’s high tempo all the bloody time. Add the eye-watering speed to the rawness of the album and what we have is something that scratches away at the mind. From the hyper thrash start of Welcome to the Dirt to the dirty and deeper groove of Ichthyosis and the super short face melting blast of Prey for War, this is savagery personified.

The drawback is that it’s hard to keep up and tracks melt into one another. Hell Bent only know how to play at one speed at after a while it begins to wear thin. It is as good album though, especially if you’re a fan of nothing but furious metal.


Hell Bent – Apocalyptic Lamentations Full Track Listing:

1. Welcome To The Dirt
2. Oppression, Enslavement, Coercion
3. Ichthyosis
4. Pandemic
5. Cerberus Unbound
6. The Season Begins
7. Prey For War
8. Scythian Horde
9. Sledgehammer/Hell Bent (Znowhite)




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Hell Bent - Apocalyptic Lamentations (Various Labels)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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