EP Review: Bang Bang Firecracker – Speak Evil (Self Released)

A confrontational style within the new wave of classic/traditional heavy metal genres. Speak Evil is the third and final part of Bang Bang Firecracker’s three EP concept album. It will be released on the 30th of December, 2022.

Stretch out the neck muscles and ready the fist, Bang Bang Firecracker are wrapping up this EP series in effective and heavy style with a handful of head-bangers. Kicking off with Life After Dark. A track that boasts meaty groove, a dark underbelly, and an ever-expanding intensity. The tone and tempo are tinged with hostility but rehabilitated by the sound of good-old fashioned heavy metal.

Following that, it’s Straight to the Bloodshed and an increase in the energy and excitement as Bang Bang Firecracker encourage an inordinate number of reasons to head-bang yourself into oblivion. The riffs are thick, there’s a blazing solo, the percussion pounds, and the vocals growl and soar in equal measures.

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Finally, it’s two versions of We Can’t Hear You. One, an explicit version, the other, a radio version AKA a clean version. You probably don’t need to be told just what the difference is. Instead, the focus is and should be on the music and Bang Bang Firecracker deliver an animated showcase of just how excitable, bullish and memorable their sound is. It’s a quality final track, so good, that you get to hear it twice!


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Bang Bang Firecracker - Speak Evil (Self Released)
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