Album Review: Grimgotts – Tales, Sagas & Legends (Stormspell Records)

May 7th 2021 sees the release of UK power metal band, Grimotts’ new album Tales, Sagas & Legends. With a CD release coming from Stormspell Records.

2020 was the year of Grimgotts. Releasing three excellent EPs in Tales, Sagas and Legends. The momentum is there and to build on it, the power metal band now bring us all three EPs as one complete album. Which would be enough to already make this a must listen. However, to make this release so much sweeter, Grimgotts have remastered all three EPs and thrown in a few new tracks too!

We have been keeping tabs on Grimgotts over last two years and loved the three EPs that was released in 2020. You can read our individual reviews of Tales here, Sagas here and Legends here.

This album is a great reason to revisit the tracks that appeared on those EPs, freshened up (in most cases) and as bombastic as ever. Tales’ four offerings get an airing first with the gargantuan call to the arms that is Fight ’till the End and the epic energy of For the Power beginning things in style. Both tracks sound fantastic and are both blood-pumping efforts. Whereas The Dawnbringer is a heavy metal head-banger and Reign of Might is power metal 101 but done really well. We loved these tracks back in May 2020 and they’re just as awesome now.

August 2020 then gave us Sagas, it was just as great as the previous release and is the next four tracks on the album. Northern Passage (love the guitar solo here), Rise Again (that chorus!), Plunder, Loot & Chantry (fun and bouncy) and the title track (epic and huge). The variety on show here, while still being firmly rooted in the power metal side of things is what makes this segment so grand.



The next four tracks all come from the final EP and includes some of Grimgotts best work to date. Whereas the first two EPs were 9/10 releases, this last one was 10/10. That perfect score is still deserved as we kick into the raucous jig that is The Boys of Boone. Catchy melody, tons of energy… it’s such a great song.

Which makes the following heavier slab of metal that is Land of Tomorrow a surprise but one that is more than welcome. It’s got much more meat to it but is undoubtedly Grimgotts. You only need to hear the chorus to understand that.

To the Edge of the World (To What Lies Beyond) is a sweet and catchy shift from the neck-breaking noise. Before Kinsman closes out the trilogy of EPs with one of Grimgotts’ most bombastic sounding offerings.

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If this had been it, if Grimgotts had just released the three EPs in one, even without the remastering, it would be a spectacular release. One that we would be recommending to the high heavens that you hear. They really could have done that and left most of us happy yet here we are. Ready to talk about three more tracks. Turning this album into a 15-track offering and making sure fans get even more bang for their buck.

The first of the new tracks is the thumping Fight Against the World. Where the galloping energy takes off and refuses to slow down. Grimgotts lifting the soul as only their brand of feel-good and heart-felt power metal can do. Raise a fist high into the air in support.

It’s the legs that are needed for the following Grimgotts Calling as this is a track that demands you move. A demand that is impossible to ignore thanks to the jiggy rhythm, powerful chorus and playful lyrical tone. A smile inducing effort and par for the course for this band. They really are one of the UK’s finest power metal bands.

Don’t believe that? Finish this wonderful album off with The Lost Chapter and you’ll be convinced. Bombastic orchestral energy, epic vocals and the perfect culmination of this journey. No excuses, Tales, Sagas & Legends is simply brilliant and a proper contender for album of the year.

Grimgotts – Tales, Sagas & Legends Full Track Listing:

1. Fight ‘till the End
2. For the Power
3. The Dawnbringer
4. Reign of Might
5. Northern Passage
6. Rise Again
7. Plunder, Loot & Chantey
8. Sagas
9. The Boys of Boone
10. Land of Tomorrow
11. To the Edge of the World (To What Lies Beyond)
12. Kinsman
13. Fight Against the World
14. Grimgotts Calling
15. The Lost Chapter


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Grimgotts - Tales, Sagas & Legends (Stormspell Records)
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