EP Review: Grimgotts – Sagas (Self Released)

Formed in 2015 as a joke parody band, Grimgotts initially described themselves as ‘probably the best Harry Potter themed symphonic power metal band to come out of West Sussex…probably’.

However, a shift in focus to fantasy and nautical themes plus the debut EP, ‘Here Be Dragonlords’ marked the beginning of a period of prolific production for Grimgotts.

The band’s 2nd EP ‘Extenditus Playus’ followed in the summer of 2016, a 3rd EP ‘Part man, Part beast, Part dragon’ in early 2017 and a power metal cover of the pop classic ‘The Tide is High’ also in 2017.

By late 2017, the debut Grimgotts album ‘Lions of the Sea’ was released and in 2018, Grimgotts solidified a line up and made their mark in the live environment. In May of 2019, Grimgotts set sail for their most ambitious adventure yet – a second album, ‘Dragons of the Ages’ which was received very well (from us too).

2020 has seen the power metal band begin a trilogy of EP’s with Tales, released on May 1st. Now, on August 14th, the 2nd part entitled ‘Sagas’ will arrive.



The best thing about getting a trilogy of EPs is that we get a dose of Grimgotts every few months. A band that has moved away from the ‘joke parody’ tag to prove themselves capable of delivering classy and effective power metal hits.

Sagas kicks off with a brief blowing of wind before smashing straight into epic metal territory. Energetic and bouncy but with a bit of meatiness to the guitars and vocals, a stonking solo adds an extra edge of fist-pumpery to it.

With feel-good rhythm and a grandiose chorus, Rise Again does that Grimgotts thing where you feel ten feet tall listening to it. Whereas Plunder, Loot & Chantry has a bit of pirate cheekiness to it.

Before, the title track ends things in larger-than-life style. The closer being a classy slab of power metal magnificence and the cherry on top of another brilliant Grimgotts effort.


Grimgotts – Sagas Full Track Listing:

1. Northern Passage
2. Rise Again
3. Plunder, Loot & Chantey
4. Sagas


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Grimgotts – Sagas (Self Released)
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