Album Review: Misery Signals – Ultraviolet (Basick Records)

Original metalcore pioneers Misery Signals return with their brand new album Ultraviolet, due for release on 7th August 2020 via Basick Records. The forthcoming record marks their first full-length release in seven years, and first with founding vocalist Jesse Zaraska since their 2004 debut, Of Malice and the Magnum Heart.

Misery Signals return at a time when metalcore is seeing something of a revival. The likes of August Burns Red (Guardians), Bleed From Within (Fracture), Bury Tomorrow (Cannibal) and Suicide Silence (Become the Hunter) releasing top drawer stuff. It’s a tough ask for Misery Signals to make something that can even make a dent, let alone be worthy of their heady past.

Although, they’re certainly on the right track by reuniting with founding vocalist, Jesse Zaraska. Who has a fantastic set of lungs on him and is clearly up for pushing himself to the limits here.

With crunchy blast beats, a ferocious energy and intense riff delivery, The Tempest is a solid start. However, it’s the following Sunlifter that makes more of an impression. Thanks to the wild flurry of guitars and drums alongside some wicked melody. A track that is up there with the best of metalcore this year.

Talking of melody…River King has a very stripped back and mellow start before erupting into a violent assault of heavy. Before Through Vales of Blue Fire has Misery Signals go really deep and heavy. The short run time, a sure sign of just how intense it is as the darkness pours from it. Whereas Old Ghosts delivers a punchy set of riffs and The Fall is an exciting blast of technical sounding heat from all elements of this band. The clean singing segment is particularly haunting.

The calm before the storm, Redemption Key is beautifully subtle, even when it ‘heavies’ up at the end. The actual storm coming with Cascade Locks and Some Dreams. The former, a heaving hailstorm of riffs, blast beats and roars of derision. The latter, a hurtling flash-flood that drowns all in its path. Both exceptional efforts on a mostly exceptional album. One that can proudly join the ranks of proving metalcore’s 2020 revival is still going strong.

Misery Signals – Ultraviolet Full Track Listing:

1. The Tempest
2. Sunlifter
3. River King
4. Through Vales of Blue Fire
5. Old Ghosts
6. The Fall
7. Redemption Key
8. Cascade Locks
9. Some Dreams




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Misery Signals - Ultraviolet (Basick Records)
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