Album Review: Eradikator – Obscura (Divebomb Records)

Hailing from the birthplace of heavy metal – Birmingham, England – Eradikator are a four-piece heavy metal outfit that initially set out to create face-melting, ear-shredding metal that would make even the most hardened ears hemorrhage liquid steel. Back with Divebomb Records for their third consecutive release – following Dystopia (2013) and Edge of Humanity (2015) – the UK quartet has, however, broadened its palette and focused on masterfully crafted song writing with forthcoming nine-song full-length, Obscura.


Speaking of the new album, guitarist Andy MacNevin comments:

Obscura is about addressing the darker side of the human psyche. It’s a concept album that deals with the different stages of grief and how they impact the mind, looking at how we manage those feelings and ultimately try to move forward whilst not forgetting that which we have lost.

Obscura is out on August 2nd 2019 via Divebomb Records.

Moving a little away from their more thrash-orientated roots, this new album from Eradikator sees the band add a bit more groove their riff-heavy metal tunes. All while retaining their trademark heaviness.

It’s that aforementioned groove that welcomes us to Obscura in the form of the rockier Nightmare Dawning. A surprisingly bouncy tune with the kind of energy that promises this to be a killer live track. Watch out for the guitar solo near the end that comes screaming out of nowhere.

Poisoned to Sorrow sees the band bring the pace with a much more recognisable thrash-based number. Albeit one with riffs to scream about and an exciting infusion of melody. Whereas Revolve is the filthiest and heaviest of metal, the weight of the riffs bearing down hard. To call this a good track is an understatement, prepare those neck muscles!

Don’t let the slower paced segments of Haunting fool you, the track is as meaty as what came before and what follows. Although it does have a deliciously old school metal guitar solo that begs for lighters to be held high.

The quality head-banging groove/thrash combo continues into Hour Glass and into Eyes of Old, although with the latter’s slow tempo you could be forgiven for thinking it didn’t have as much to offer as the former. You’d be wrong though, as after a couple of minutes it really exposes itself and unleashes a chaotic level of guitar shredding and soloing.

The latter few tracks certainly don’t disappoint either as Bound to You sneaks and slides with a little bit of sleaziness to the vocals and riffs. I Want to Believe draws from the alien TV show that made the title famous with the familiar theme being strung out at the start before it takes on a new form that leans towards desert rock but with Eradikator’s recognisable riffing.

The Siren Song also has a bit of dustiness to it, a little bit more country as it’s a mellow rock closer. Friendly and welcoming though, the soft melody lifts the soul in preparation for a soaring solo. A great way to end such an impressive release.


Eradikator – Obscura Full Track Listing:

1. Nightmare Dawning
2. Poisoned To Sorrow
3. Revolve
4. Haunting
5. Hourglass
6. Eyes of Old
7. Bound To You
8. I Want To Believe
9. The Siren Song


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Eradikator - Obscura (Divebomb Records)
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