Horror Short Review: The Last Supper (AKA La Última Cena) (2020)

Directed by León Landázuri who also wrote the story alongside Isaac Basulto, The Last Supper (La Última Cena) is a horror short that leaves you hungry for more. Where you want to not just see what happens next but to delve deeper into the lore of its horror.

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A Mexican horror short set in a Spanish-speaking Convent, young Tania (Azul Vargas) spies on a young nun (Sandra Zellweger) praying at an altar. Not speaking the language, and with this part not subtitled, it’s unclear as to what gets Tania’s attention but based off the ending, the prayer was probably not as holy as it should be.

Later, Tania meets up with altar boy Carlitos (Kike Coria) and gets annoyed when his friends act obnoxious, insisting she will tell the priest. Feeling bad, Carlitos goes to follow her but is distracted by the young nun we saw earlier. She smiles at him and seems to want him to follow her, so he does. Being led through the convent until he eventually sees the nun, now with Tania, going into a deeper and darker area.

What awaits him inside? Check it out yourself below to find out.

It’s worth watching even if the ending is a confusing and abrupt. Not helped by the last bit of dialogue not being subtitled. It’s worth watching as the build is stellar, the locations are atmospheric and the reveal, nice and twisted. While, it’s not scary per se, there are some interesting touches that might send a quick chill through the body. It’s a different kind of horror short, one that doesn’t go for cliched jump scares and one that leaves you feeling just a little unsettled.


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The Last Supper (AKA La Última Cena) (2020)
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