Zombie Shooters That Conquered Players And The Internet

The best zombie games in 2022

The zombie theme is prevalent in popular culture – it is reflected in books, feature films, TV series, and even music videos. And for the computer games industry in general, the undead has become an absolute gold mine. As a result, in recent years, hundreds of projects have been released, in one way or another, intersected with the eagerness to taste human brain creatures. 

Unfortunately, every real hit has a dozen passable or downright awful duds. So, without rating quality play Andar Bahar online games of the zombie genre, where you can look for something interesting you can’t do without. Here you can find:

  • Left 4 Dead 2;
  • Walking Dead;
  • Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Best Zombie Games

Left 4 Dead 2 

Even though the game is pretty old, the official servers still have thousands of users. And that is not surprising because this is one of the best cooperative shooters. The formula is straightforward – there are four survivors with an impressive arsenal of weapons, a goal to get to a haven, and a massive crowd of zombies to fight your way through. 

And if on the easy/medium difficulty level passage resembles a gentle stroll with the need to shoot at the heads of opponents from time to time, on hardcore, we have to act together – to cover each other, to save the medkits, and correctly take positions to avoid being surrounded. Though the game is about zombies, the enemies here are very diverse. In addition to the classic dead, which does not have any advantages, the survivors are attacked by jumping, throwing up acid, and grabbing the long tongue monsters, which are not too easy to kill. You can play one of them by checking out the multiplayer modes (zombies vs. survivors).

The Walking Dead: Telltale Series 

Telltale is a studio specializing in creating interactive stories on well-known universes and the famous Walking Dead comic book (most people know about The Walking Dead series, but the primary source of the game was the graphic novel). However, it is not going to have much in common with the main plot – it is dedicated to the other group of survivors and unique protagonists whose story will be revealed during four seasons consisting of several episodes and a spin-off about a secondary character. 

Gameplay is a typical example of the genre “interactive movie,” which has become extremely popular thanks to Heavy Rain and other Quantic Dream projects. Players have to survive in a zombie-filled world – collect supplies and food, resolve conflicts between the group members, and participate in numerous QTE action scenes. Although the announced non-linearity in Telltale Walking Dead does not smell (the choices in the dialogues and actions change only minor details of the plot), it is exciting to follow the story.

Call of Duty: Vanguard 

As a typical WWII-themed shooter but managed to take the successful ideas of Medal of Honor to the next level, the series of Call of Duty has evolved significantly over time (no matter what they say about the old-fashioned engine and monotonous gameplay). Gamers had time to visit and in an alternate universe, where the war is unfolding between Russia and the United States, and in the future – opposing invaders from Mars on the side of Earth. And the zombies, of course, gave us a shot, too. 

Starting with the World at War part, Call of Duty features a survival mode, where four people fight the besieging dead, arriving in ever more giant waves. For each zombie kill, the player gets money in their account, which they can spend on more effective weapons and ammo. Also, the money helps open doors and move to new parts of the level, thereby expanding the room for maneuvering and moving further in the story. Every year, several different maps are released along with the series’s latest installment. The fresh Vanguard, for all its apparent shortcomings, also has enough innovations for fans of shooting the walking dead.

Dead Rising 2 

Any gamer, who has played at least one Dead Rising part, will be able to say that zombies are not only survival horror and tense action but also unbridled fun. The developers have created a kind of sandbox for players, filled with tools for destroying brainiacs. You can split skulls with the ax, throw barrels at zombies, see them with chainsaws, etc. Many items can be combined to make a truly deadly weapon. Also included in the arsenal is equipment under the wheels of which the zombies belong. But this game is not just about fighting, and it’s about fighting too. 

Each part has a rather interesting storyline. The first, for example, tells the story of a journalist shooting a reportage in a zombie invaded city. The second one is about a father looking for a cure for his infected daughter and having to bring her regular portions of the antidote. Not everyone will like it because it’s not so easy to keep up with time while trying to explore the world around you. On the other hand, some missions are strictly tied to the in-game clock, so they are pretty realistic to skip.

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Resident Evil: Village 

Resident Evil (or Biohazard as called initially in Japan) is probably the most famous zombie-themed game. It not only received a couple of dozen sequels on different platforms but also received a high-budget Hollywood adaptation. Over the years, the franchise has repeatedly changed the direction of its development. The first parts of the series were typical of the Survival Horror genre. The players had to fight enemies in confined spaces, solve puzzles, and try to save the resources, ammo, and medkits. Then the developers took a course on the cooperative and even managed to release a virtual shooting gallery with laser pistols. 

Now, much to the delight of fans, Resident Evil is back to its roots. Almost all the parts of RE together form a separate story about the protagonists’ struggle against the sinister Umbrella Corporation, which was the root cause of the zombie virus epidemic in the city. Unfortunately, you will have to spend at least a thousand hours passing it to understand its intricacies. Luckily Capcom is actively releasing re-releases of old hits and new sequels (the most current part is Village), improving textures, effects, and resolution, so you won’t have to endure horrible graphics.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War 

This game is a kind of offshoot of the long-playing franchise Sniper Elite, where gamers, as a forwarded to the rear of the enemy sniper, had to eliminate essential targets, organize sabotage, etc. The main feature of the original was a realistic system of damage, allowing you to visualize any damage. For example, a well-aimed bullet in cinematic slow motion would rip holes in the body and break bones in the area it hit. You could also use various weapons, booby traps, and eliminate enemies by sneaking up on them from behind. 

In Zombie Army, released on the wave of popularity of a similar mode in Call of Duty, the basic game mechanics remained unchanged. Same arsenal of weapons, the same engine – but added co-op for four people and new, atypical for the series enemies. In addition to the usual zombies, there are ghosts, fire demons, and other monsters, many of which are not easy to kill. The final boss will be Adolf Hitler himself, who turned into the undead and gained paranormal powers.


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