Album Review: Mylingar – Döda Själar (Amor Fati Productions)

Savagery in musical form takes a further step toward total sonic annihilation with “Döda Själar”, the culmination of a bestial trilogy from the eccentric intensity called Mylingar. A tempest of whirlwind blackened death metal barbarity and animalistic filth, unrelenting in its intent to rend flesh from bone and inflict torment.

Less an album of songs to passively enjoy, “Döda Själar” is an all-encompassing spectre of claustrophobic oppression and pestilence, draping its blackness over everything and leaving little but barren wasteland behind. An unexplainable, unknowable force for the malevolent villainy that envelops our world. It will be released in August 2nd 2019 via Amor Fati Productions.

Making a storming impression with Obalansen, the blackened death metal ferocity of this opening track is like a infection spreading through the body. Painful, ugly to look at and guaranteed to kill you if untreated. The cure? Mylinger aren’t looking to help you out, instead pressing down hard on the sore spots until you cry out for mercy.

None is coming though as Nedstigningen seems to have the sound of someone actually retching and vomiting before Offret eviscerates all.

This is an album that encompasses brutality in all its forms. Not a second of melody, barely discernible rhythm, just 7 tracks of body-battering and mind-wrenching blackened death noise. It shouldn’t be enjoyable but like the sweet release of death, each new track brings with it anticipation and excitement.

How much more vile and depraved can Mylingar be? Quite a bit if Bländningen and Mållösheten are to be heard. Then we reach the end of our suffering at the hands of one of the must savage bands and brutal albums heard this year. Both Giftet and Förlusten delivering a sermon in pain.

Mylingar – Döda Själar Full Track Listing:

1. Obalansen
2. Nedstigningen
3. Offret
4. Bländningen
5. Mållösheten
6. Giftet
7. Förlusten




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Mylingar - Döda Själar (Amor Fati Productions)
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