Album Review: Echothefallen – From Lust to Love and Passion (Self Released)

Echothefallen was formed in 2015 in Fraserburgh, North East of Scotland, by the two guitarists Adam Balina and Pedro Arsenio after their old Death Metal band Murderous Instinct split up.

Although they were both coming from the extreme metal scene, with Echothefallen they wanted to try different sounds like darker melancholic tunes and started to compose strongly inspired by bands of the same genre. A few months down the line drummer Wojtek Zapotocki joined Adam and Pedro in their new musical project. They kept on working on new tracks with the intention to record a demo.

In 2016 singer Simona Tremaroli and bassist Mark Cross who were experienced musicians from previous encounters joined the band. With the entrance of the Italian vocalist behind the mic, the combo started to feel extremely ambitious and motivated who kept working on more music, by the beginning of 2017 they finally found the completed line up.

Now the band are pleased to present their debut album, From Lust to Love and Passion which is out now.

Darkly melancholic is the best way to describe the music of Echothefallen but with some seriously strong rock sensations too. They deliver all of the passion and desire one would want from music in this form. Able to excite the senses with veritable ease regardless of the tempos or echoing forlorn rhythms.

Nowhere is this experience better then with the fanatical One Last Drink, a commanding vocal performance and melodies dripping in emotion.

Elsewhere the progressive riffs and bouncy chorus of Sangreloca thump hard. The title track is incredibly warm with ambient noise and mellow melody to relax the mind. Bad Blood is a spirited heavy rock effort that is the epitome of infectious.

It’s a very infectious album!

Echothefallen – From Lust to Love and Passion Full Track Listing:

1. Black Shroud
2. One Last Drink
3. Sangreloca
4. Sharks
5. From Lust to Love and Passion
6. Bad Blood
7. 8th Sense
8. Of Sulphur and Blood Soaked Flowers
9. Dysfunctional


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Echothefallen - From Lust to Love and Passion (Self Released)
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